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Full Electronic books Free to download.
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 A for those who can not download . you can get a FREE 3 CD SET containing ALL books on page and Navy page.  a copying, material & shipping charge of only $14.95  USA  all others $16.95
Section one, books on theory  and designing with radio tubes and other books.

Electronic Amplifier Circuits, Joseph Petit and Malcolm McWhorter, 1961, 325 pages

    This textbook is all about the theory and design of amplifiers.  While mostly containing tube circuits it does include some information on transistor . Plenty of math in this one, it concentrates on wide band (e.g., video) amplifiers. pdf format perfect copy for printing. unrenewed copyright ON CD-ROM ONLY

Theory and Applications OF Electron tubes. U.S. Army/air force 1952  From basic theory through all types of circuits. audio, rf, osc etc. 229 pages, perfect for printing. 17 meg download
Handbook of Analog Computations. All about analog computers and how they work. Collage level book. 401 pages size 24 meg, unrenewed copyright Donated. download 
CP/M8000 by Digital Research. A set of 3 books programmers guide, system guide, users guide. total 510 pages. 23 meg, Donated download 
United States Navy Electronic Training Course. Full course NOT scanned, made for cd by the navy. 24 modules 4100 pages. For full details and download click here
Radio Laboratory Hand book. year 2004 in the public domain. All about cables, transmission lines and antennas. 133 pages not scanned direct pdf. size 60 meg ON CD-ROM ONLY
Radio Antenna Engineering.  by E. Laport  A 600 page antenna bible. year 1952 copyright unrenewed. size 25 meg pdf file.   ON CD-ROM ONLY
U. S. Military  Manual on Grounding. Deep into grounding theory for your radio or test lab. learn how to truly protect yourself and your equipment. this manual will teach you how. 814 pages searchable pdf format. size 10 meg  ON CD-ROM ONLY
Amateur Radio Handbook 1959 This was a bigger seller then the ARRL Handbook. Full 810 pages in pdf format size 60 meg unrenewed copyright download
Crystal Sets to Side Band by Frank W. Harris K01YE This is not scanned it is made for pdf. FULL color 372 pages. copyright 2002 NOT to be used else where without written permission of K01YE size 4 meg download 
Trouble Shooting Tektronix scopes. Written by Tektronix it is for their technicians to train repairing their scopes Donated  97 pages size 4 meg download      Tektronix copyright release
Navy Warfare and Radar Systems Handbook. Contains a wealth of knowledge on electronics for radio, IEE buss's  radar, microwaves, antennas etc for complete list and download click here 
Navy Mathematic Books. Study at home for free. compliments of the United States Navy. click here for details and free download  
Transformers and Circuits. year 1955.  This book has all the theory, and data on how transformers are designed and built. how to use them how they work. and the circuits they are used in from filament to RF unrenewed copyright. 376 pages pdf file size 24 meg ON CD-ROM ONLY
Radio pocket manual. old book with good data on color codes of wires for xformers also old capacitors etc other stuff also. small book. 1.98 meg pdf file. Donated download  
Electronic Circuits and Tubes. Cruft Laboratory at Harvard University. 1947 1000 pages.    12 meg pdf file.  Donated  download  
Vacuum Tubes. Tomer 1960 nice book large clear writing. perfect for printing. 164 pages 13 meg pdf 164 pages Donated  ON CD-ROM ONLY
Lessons in electronics  Year 2006 free copyright. 6 book set, very good set of school books teaches whole high school course. about 2500 pages. with experiments ON CD-ROM ONLY

Electron Tubes in Industry James Fahnestock, 1952,   download

Industrial applications of vacuum tubes, as opposed to radio and audio use.  Lots of data on thyratron and phototube circuits, as well as process control applications.  353 pages 4 meg pdf file.

Radio receiver design. Year 1943 From A to Z covers everything. 1000 pages 65 meg pdf files download 
Altair Basic Year 1975 Complete 212 pages pdf 6.6 meg download
Surplus Schematics Handbook 115 pages 23 meg pdf   download
Projects for QRP a collection from QRP magazine. in public domain 212 pages 16.5 meg pdf download  
U.S. Air Force training manual for electronic technician year 1999 all 130 pages of it  ON CD-ROM ONLY
High-Fidelity Circuit Design. Norman Crowhurst and George Cooper, 1957, 296 pages. Design of HI-FI amplifiers using vacuum tubes size 21 meg pdf file download 
Engineering Electronics. George Happell. college text, covering vacuum tubes, circuit analysis, and some practical amplifier design considerations. 1953 508 pages size 8 meg pdf download  Donated
1964 Philips Gas-Discharge Tubes book 346 pages size 21 meg pdf download  Donated
Marine Antenna Handbook  Prepared by the U.S. Marine corps.  pdf file 200 pages ON CD-ROM ONLY
GE Neon-Gas Lamps Manual  123 pages pdf file 12.7 meg download Donated
S-100 and other bus's 139 page book on all bus's download 12.5 meg
RCA 1962 Tube Design Book. GREAT book 951 pages perfect pdf NOT a scan in. size 147 megs ON CD-ROM ONLY
Fairchild Semiconductor. History of the integrated circuit full color pdf with pictures. 114 pages from first public one in 1961 and up. Fairchild invented the IC in 1957 prototype was a ring counter. size 147 megs ON CD-ROM ONLY
D.O.E. Math Book. dept of energy 2 book combo on math. 206 pages. pdf download  
RCA Tube Manual. year 1968 all 657 pages pdf 27 meg download  
Sylvania 1951 Tube Manual. 364 pages pdf 14.7 meg download  
RCA Transiting Tube Data Book. year 1956 260 pages pdf 14 meg  download  
Mullard Tube Manual. very interesting includes pictures in factory. year unknown about 1960's pdf 9 meg  download  
GE TUBE MANUAL  from about 1968 full 236 pages pdf size 10.7 meg download  
H. W. Sams  Getting to know your oscilloscope 1963 full 162 pages teaches all about scopes and how to use them. One of the most popular books of it's day. pdf size 2.7 meg ON CD-ROM ONLY
TAB Books. Oscilloscope techniques. Another book all about oscilloscopes and their usage,  full 225 pages size 3.5 meg year 1968 well written easy to understand. ON CD-ROM ONLY
H. W. Sams  Trouble shooting with your oscilloscope. year 1962 full 162 pages. ON CD-ROM ONLY
Transistors their practical application. very interesting, down to earth type of book all about transistors. ON CD-ROM ONLY
Fundamentals of transistors. year 1954 similar to the one above. pdf size 2 meg . download  
Gernsback Publications Transistor Techniques. year 1960 full 97 pages . 1.6 meg  download  
Prentice Hall Engineering series. capacitors, inductors magnetic circuits 366 pages 3.2 meg  ON CD-ROM ONLY
H. W. Sams electronic data book. year 1957 130 pages all kinds of data circuits are tube type. download  
400 Ideas from Electronic Design. all kinds of mini circuits 1 transistor and up. 243 pages  size 21 meg pdf download  
Tape Recorder Circuits 224 page bible of tape recorders. size 2.1 meg pdf download  
Amplifiers. all tube stuff year 1952 full 216 pages. size 2.3 meg pdf download  
Amplifiers. different then above 1964 262 pages. size 3.3 meg pdf download  
U.S. Army radio manual year 2004 pages 270 pdf 5 meg download 
Fuzzy Logic Design 200 pages 8 meg pdf  ON CD-ROM ONLY Donated
Integrated Circuit Design  650 pages 9 meg pdf   ON CD-ROM ONLY  Donated
Designing Switching Power Supplies.. 650 pages 45 meg   ON CD-ROM ONLY  Donated
PCB Design Fully illustrated everything you need to know to make pc boards 3 small booklets pcb  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Audio Design Handbook. 225 pages Grensback books. Tube book. 10 meg pdf download 
Westinghouse Ele. Core Engineers Design Handbook. teaches all about cores. 10 meg pdf download 
Probes. How to design, build, use probes of all kinds a probe bible 224 pages. 41 meg pdf   ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Siemens Design Semiconductor Circuits. 124 pages 4.4 meg pdf. ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Capacitors and Magnetic Circuits.  366 pages 4 meg pdf  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Build HI FI Speaker Systems. 40 Pages 12 meg pdf  download 
Military Med & High Frequency radio. Year 1999. 586 pages size 4 meg pdf   download 
All About Amateur Radio. year 2007 size 330 pages in FULL COLOR pdf  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
U.S. Marine Corps Radio Users guide. year 1999 size 146 pages pdf   ON CD-ROM ONLY 
U.S. Air Force Tactical Antennas. year 2000 size 158 pages pdf  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Department of Defense Data Modem Standards. size 137 pages pdf   download 
 CIA's Relationship with Congress 1946-2004  400 page book U.S. Government. download
Optoelectronics Division   68 pages   download  
Office of Microelectronic Programs   238 pages  download  
Quantum Electrical Metrology Division   76 pages   download  
Electromagnets Division   92 pages   download  
Radio Frequency Technology Division   60 pages    download  
Electricity Division   72 pages   download  
Office of Microelectronic programs  # 2  140 pages   download
Semiconductor Electronics Division   80 pages    download
Measurements for Electronics   478 pages   download  
Fundamentals of Machine Tools U.S. Government Book. 303 pages download  
Machine Repair  U.S. Government Book. 436 pages download  
Welding U.S. Government Book. 710 pages  download  
Taylor radio tubes 1939 download  
Measurement of Standard DC Resistors. U.S. Government Book NIS&T. download  
Machine Learning. 300 pages pdf  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Probability Theory 180 pages pdf  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Magnetism key chapters from TI. 87 pages pdf  download  not yet on cd-rom 
Electronic Experimenters Manual.  176 pages pdf   not yet on cd-rom 
Electronic Surveillance in a Digital Age.  75 pages pdf  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
GE Tunnel Diode Manual.  100 pages  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
RCA Tunnel Diode Manual.  163 pages  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
CI Vision. 64 pages full color 2008  download  not yet on cd-rom 
TI 1977 Voltage Regulator Handbook. Full book 210 pages by engineering staff of TI  ON CD-ROM ONLY