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Section two old data books for integrated circuits
Designing with MSI counters and shift registers. 1970 signetics corp. 93 pages 5.3 meg download
RCA CDP1802 cosmac microprocessor manual.  118 pages 7.9 meg download
Fairchild TTL 1972 Data Book. Contains all the old items no longer in current data books, like the 54/74Hxx and 54/74Sxx plus 54/74/Lxx series also the 93xx and 9Nxx series, includes designing rules. 672 pages 39 meg download
Zilog Z80 1978 Data Book. This is the original Z80 data book. You can design a Z80 based systems using this book. 131 pages 14 meg ON CD-ROM ONLY
Zilog Z8000 Data Book. 233 pages 20 meg download 
Zilog Z8000 Uses Manual. 299 pages 10.7 meg download 
Zilog Z80000 Technical  Manual. 348 pages 12 meg download 
RCA Tube Manual Radiotron R10.  Old edition from 1937 I think. it has all the data on old tubes for vintage equipment. complete copy less covers. 86 pages 8.3 meg download
Signetics  Microprocessor 2650 Data Book.  Year 1975, contains all the data needed to build a computer with the 2650 (same as the Rockwell unit) 187 pages 9.2 meg download
Signetics 8080 Emulation Manual. The MOS 8080 could not match the speed of the bipolar device. so a emulator was used. This is the data book for such a emulator. 110 pages 6.5 meg download
Motorola M6800 Microprocessor Applications Manual. Full 1975 manual, suitable for printing. With this you can build a 6800 based computer system. 713 pages, 38 meg download
Texas Instruments 1976 Data Book.  All  832 pages of it, the full  54/74xx/H/S/L/LS series plus all their usual design/application data. 37 megs   download  
AMD 2900 Family Data Book.  Year 1979 with related support circuits. The building blocks of the 1980's computers.524 pages  34 meg download
Motorola 1969 Micro Electronic Data Book. Contains everything they made up to 1969. MECL-300/350/1000/1200/1600 & MHTL MC660, TTL 54/7400, MC400/500/200/2100/3000/4000, DTL 830/930, DTL200/250, MC700/800/900. also ALL the linear chips and a complete cross reference for chips from all other manufactures of the 1960's. along with tons of application notes. this is the data book bible of the 1960's. 608 pages 28 meg ON CD-ROM ONLY 
A Collection of Apple I/II Manuals. Includes apple/I  basic & I/II users manuals, pictures of boards. 18 meg download 
AMD 29300/29C300 Programmable Microcomputer building Blocks. Year 1988 size 680 pages. 36 meg download 
Fairchild 1976 Marco-logic Data Book. Includes 9300 and 4700 series plus memory chips. ttl/ecl/mos 234 pages 13 meg download
ITT Engineering Data Book. Year 1946 it contains everything 335 pages data for electronic engineering. 9.4 meg download 
1969 Fairchild Data Book This one even includes the RTL and SH-xxxx parts. size 21 meg. 364 pages. download 
INTEL Memory Design Data Book Year 1973 all 134 pages. All the data on the oldies but goodies plus support chips. 15 meg  download  
INTEL Memory Design Data Book Year 1977 all 265 pages. All the data on the oldies but goodies plus support chips. size 21 meg  download
Western digital 1983 catalog plus three 1984 data books. total 675 pages of their computer and floppy disk controller chips. size 32 meg  ON CD-ROM ONLY 
Texas Instruments TMS7000 Family Data. year 1986. full data book 540 pages  size 21 meg. download  
Signets UtilLogicII-Handbook1968. Includes SP300A & LU300A series logic chips size 2.3 meg 36 pages. download  
Signets UtilLogicII-Handbook1969 Includes SP300A & LU300A series logic chips size 2.0 meg 27 pages. download  
Intel 8080 data book (i got this and a few other items in a email there seems to be a few missing pages in the middle they may not be important ?) 244 pages pdf 6.8 meg download
Intel 8080 assembly language  programming manual. 1975 91 pages 7.2 meg download
Intel bubble memory data book.  59 pages yea 1981 6.25 meg download
Intel 8008. 62 pages 5.9 meg download
Motorola Data Book Collection. lot of old ones from 60's 70's plus application notes size 28 meg zip ON CD-ROM ONLY
Motorola RF Transistor Selector Guide. from the 1978 data book. download
Radio Receptor co Selectron Div Full data book download