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This page contains data sheets for items we sell or sold in the past. data on military items, specifications and other electronic data. all FREE to download
  Electronic data
Complete Frequency chart for listeners from .1mhz to 1ghz download
Texas Instruments Brochure "understanding and interpreting standard logic data sheets." download
Vishay/dale mil-resistors RN series PDF 147kb download
Search military for specifications on any military type electronic part. link
Mil specs for wirewound resistors link
Military design guide for parts in satellites here is link
Dept of defense. Dictionary of military terms for electronics here is link
Index for military spec's for electronic components here is link
U.S. Military electronic warfare and radar handbook. The whole book is printed on the web here is link
Fair-rite 21 pages of data on all types of ferrite material a goldmine of ferrite data. download
Frequency chart full spectrum very detailed free download .
Class D audio amplifier design download
Class D audio amplifier design download
Class D audio amplifier design download

Fabricating Impedance Transformers for Receiving Antennas. download

Antennas for Low Power Applications download
Manuals for U.S. Army electronics here is link
Military color code for coils PDF 37kb download
RF Shielding Techniques PDF 592k download
Grounding Techniques PDF 280k download
Grounding for Low/High Frequency Circuits download
Noise in op-amps download
Decoupling and Grounding download
Central Intelligence Agencies corona report on Americas 1st spy satellite system. NOTE: some words are blacked out since this report as been classified Top Secret for 47 years 18 meg download.
NASA tech brief LASER Link  PDF 5.5 meg  download.
DOD declassified the new 25 billion dollar Space Radar download full doc 516k pdf
NASA tech brief Conductive patterns on cloth PDF 1.2 meg download
For free electronic design software click here
Data sheets Data sheets
Liteon LTE-5208A
12HD03 Relay Fujitsu  pdf 52kb                            LO5436 Siemens/Osram orange led pdf 140 kb   
161SE-DO12UW Fujitsu relay                                  Man6730 led display pdf 500kb
1N5368B                                                                    LM747H national semiconductor pdf 186 kb
67XR2K Beckman multi-turn trim pots pdf 101kb Magnum A2 pdf 340 kb                                        
AD509KH Analog Devices
AD766JN Analog Devices                                       MAN71A / HP-5082-7731 download
Arcotronics metallized polyester R82EC1150             MC10H115P  Motorola MECL Logic Chip          
Alps dual potentiometers MC3487 Quad line driver pdf 102kb                     
AMP UG-290/AU BNC Connector Amp # 31-203 Midcom xforma 600/600 ohm pdf 138 kb           
BAS-20 Phillips signal diode pdf 62kb                  MOC3009 Motorola opto isolator                         
BLO1 Murata ferrite beads                                    MRF313 Motorola                                                  
CA3096 Intersel chip Murata ceramic resonator MS word.doc 148 kb  
Neosid RF beads   download
Cambion 558-7107-25 shielded coils pdf 154 kb Nais relay TX2-5V pdf 150 kb
Coilcraft series 146 shielded inductors                NIC capacitor NCMA10X7R183K50TR pdf 45 kb
Coilcraft series 144 shielded inductors                  PE Connector 27 kb pdf
RC221N Decoder IC pdf 135k
Cornell Dubilier mica capacitors CD16 series     RF Micro Devices RF2132 pdf 110 kb
DS1267-010 DALLAS (MAXAM)                        Raltron resonators 640B pdf 31kb                           
ECS 4 mHZ ceramic resonator series ZTA           SFH309 Siemens phototransistors  pdf 202kb       
EIC-320X Elekon digital photo sensor  pdf 31kb TDK epoxy inductors .22 uH series 0203 48 kb    
EL-0609 TDK inductors series  pdf 51kb             TDK ELF0708RA-121K -ELF series 143 kb          
Ferroxcube/philps multi-aperture core type 4B1 TDK 68 uH power line  inductors pdf 40 kb
Fujitsu relay FBR111/160 series                          Vitec/Tecate 54P2925                                              
Harris HA-2625
Johnson components SMB connector Vitrohm current sense resistors pdf 46 kb               
JQ Relays Naiz Visha/Dale power resistors type CW pdf 178 kb
J.W. Miller series 9230 rf chokes PDF 28kb        Voltage regulator KA7912 pdf 150 kb
J.W. Miller series 9250 rf chokes PDF 28kb        Wickmann  fuse fast acting series 395 pdf 52 kb    
J.W. Miller series 78F rf chokes pdf 27 kb            Wickmann fuse time lag series 396 pdf 52kb  
J.W. Miller part # 4622 rf choke pdf 39 kb             Wickmann fuse time lag series 385 pdf 92kb  
LM311H/NTE922  pdf 30 kb   
LM334Z pdf 330 kb
LM709CN  pdf 183 kb

If you do not have the Acrobat Reader plug-in to view and print the pdf files, download it here.