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Learn how to make your own professional control panels using Dipfree  click here
This page is for learning how to use Diptrace. it contains the following sections, FAQ, Tips, Trouble shooting,  Custom component library for free download, Related Links, and best of all a section where you can download complete project files already professionally done for hobbyists to make their own boards with.  And a section a section on how to make and etch PC boards.
Ever wonder how they make circuit board with the green protective covering on only the traces ?
In the tutorial below we will teach you how. it only takes a few minutes and costs nothing, using Diptrace.
We will use the astable flip flop board shown in the Dipfree manual as a example.
Step 1, make a standard etch mask using Diptrace as shown in the example below. etch the board. use dim light so as not to expose traces.

Step 2, make a 2nd mask. do this before you etched board so it is ready. This time only use the pads. made it a NEGATIVE so all is black pads are clear

Step 3, put board back into expose frame. align mask over board so it lines up exactly and covers only the pads. now re-expose it. Then drop it in container of solvent. Do not scrub it, let the solvent loosen the green coating on the pads it will float off. Let dry and wipe clean.
Using this method the hard to use, expense tin-nit is not needed. each pad is protected by the shinny drop of solder that holds part. although you should solder board parts now other wise pads may tarnish like a penny would. if they do, use simple method. same as you would for cleaning a penny. put a small amount of table salt in some household vinegar, stir at room temperature. drop penny or board in and watch it shine up. no scrubbing needed. below is picture of completed board.
Note the outside perimeter line of board is not really needed, you can use just 4 corner brackets or 4 mounting stud holes if you want for alignment.
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