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All software on this page is freeware no shareware  Tested under win/98/me/xp. and works perfect.
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Most free software can be downloaded  from this site. Or the manufactures site. A cdrom containing all programs on this page and the other software pages is available for FREE, Shipping  $9.95 USA   $11.95 INTERNATIONAL
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Super circuit board program. First you draw diagram program has a 1000 symbols snap to grid for wires, even has multi-colors for printing great schematic drawing. THEN all you do is hit simulation button and it tests circuit, you do not need to know spice it is done for you as you drew diagram. probe will give voltages and scope patterns from any node you want. if scope pattern looks distorted, just change parts until circuit runs o.k. Comes with about 25 pre-drawn samples like 555, led circuits, small oscillators etc or draw your own. great program for designing and testing small circuit.   T-CM on cd-rom only
Super good program for designing transistor amplifier stages both bipolar and fet. Also calculates diode detector. Calculates amplifier efficiency. balun design. Stripline/microstrip design. amplifier noise-calc. Mixer-spurs. plus many more. This program is used by NASA. 15 meg  T-AC on cd-rom only Aavid engineering program for heat sinks. just enter thermal characteristics for the semiconductor you are going to cool. you get them from the data books data sheet for the chip you are cooling. Gives you all the thermal information and Aavids part # for heat sink. 3 meg download T-CC
Great program to simulate battery discharge. Use to determine how long a battery will last on project you built. You must read instruction file to learn how to use it. they are included in zip file.  Freeware 464k zip  download  T-BS Simple good program to calculate resistor values for transistor class "a" stage amplifier. also op-amp filters, zener diode dropping resistor, 555 timer, filter cap's plus more.  Freeware 295k zip download T-ED
Program to calculate RF filters. RC/RL low/high/band pass and design coils plus more. NOT on CD Size 680k zip download T-WINRLC 24 bit 96K sinewave generation mono / stereo / L / R / L+R / L-R. 10-48 kHz with pulser, stepped freq response graph. on cdrom only osc.zip
Super good program for designing filters, low/high/bandpass/stop. Either passive or op-amp types. up to the 3rd order. Butterworth, chebyshev, elliptic, Gaussian, etc. includes frequency plots, response plots, plus more. Draws circuits for you with parts lists also gives NET list. designs all types. Passive, active, digital, switch cap, tx line. Plus more too much to list. Professional program.  T-FF31 on cd-rom only
Radio tube data sheets cross reference for thousands of tubes with pinout/data also locates data sheet. free link Antenna system analyzer great for ham people  on cd-rom only T-AA
Designs opamp filters for you. quite simple to use. provides spice data on circuit it designs if you want it. designs opamp only no passive type. size 7 meg  T-FL on cd-rom only Great program  national semiconductor. designs switching power supply circuits. just choose chip and input/output voltage and it draws total schematic. detailed parts list. on cdrom only T-SM56
A collection of 3 simple little programs to design speaker enclosures including the cross over network.    download  speaker-3.zip SWR calculator for ham people, gives total facts. NOT on cdrom on web only free download. 435 kb vna.exe download
Great program for making schematic diagrams and then the printed circuit board pattern. The program, itself is small about 4 meg but the component library is 60 meg. biggest library I have seen in any program of this type. It is fully functional but has a limit of 200 pins. which is really a lot, you can make big circuits with 200 pins. T-PCB/EL on cd-rom only
 Linear technology program for designing using their chips which you can get from digi-key.  LTC SwitcherCAD™ III is a fully functional Spice III simulator with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. This Spice is a high performance circuit simulator, integrated waveform viewer, which also includes schematic capture. Our enhancements to Spice have made simulating switching regulators extremely fast compared to normal Spice simulators. Included in this download are Spice, Macro Models for 80% of Linear Technology's switching regulators and over 200 op amp models. Furthermore, resistors, transistors and MOSFET models are included as part of this package. With this Spice simulation, viewing of the waveforms of most switching regulators can be achieved in a few minutes on a high performance PC. Also, full circuits using op amps or transistors can easily be simulated.  T-LTspice
on cd-rom only
FilterCAD™ 3.0 is a computer aided design program for creating filters with Linear Technology's filter ICs. FilterCAD is designed to help users without special expertise in filter design to design good filters with a minimum of effort. It can also help experienced filter designers achieve better results by providing the ability to play "what if" with the configuration and values of various components and observe the results. With FCAD, you can design lowpass, highpass, bandpass and notch filters with a variety of responses, including Butterworth, Bessel, Chebychev, elliptic and minimum Q elliptic, in addition to custom responses.  T-LTF on cd-rom only
You can also use Sonnet Lite to analyze planar structures such as: Microstrip matching networks Microstrip or stripline filters Lossy spiral inductors with bridges MIM capacitors Via (inter-layer or grounded) Mounting pad characterization Coupled transmission line analysis PCB trace crosstalk analysis Microwave circuit discontinuities Planar couplers/splitters Broadside-coupled transmission lines Package resonances Planar interconnects Any arbitrarily shaped metal pattern!
If you want to go to Mars, this program will get you there. 26 meg zip. T-sl951 on cd-rom only
Program that draws meter scales for you so you can put a new scale on a meter. here is a link, follow the instuctions closely here is link
This program finds spurs within a Translation Loop or Offset PLL often used in phase modulated transmitters. It has an automated search feature which allows it to pick the IF for you; a very specialized program but when you need it there's no substitute. download spur.exe
This is great for the ham radio people. It designs the matching transformer for the antenna to feed line. Large list of core types, program does all the work for you, easy to use. download balon.zip
IProgram for designing microwave type wave guides. wave.zip on cd-rom This is a complex set of 2 programs for designing and testing antennas. Ham radio people will like them.  ant-set on cd-rom only
This is 2 programs for designing torrid core coils they are both very good demos fully functional no time out, limits are high high of an inductance you want. They include part # cross reference from many torrid makers. they are both great if you have any trouble go to their web site for install help. click here for their web page  here are the 2 programs irondemo.zip and tor-demo.zip
For the ham radio people just click on the icon for the type of antenna you want to make. Design program will download varies from 60k to about 1.25 meg each (ant-icons)

4 Programs for designing line filter common mode torrid coils, rf transformers, balun, torrid coils has manufactures part #'s you tell it frequency etc. it designs torrid coil. coil-1/2/3/4 on cd-rom only This is a complex set of 2 programs to design radio receivers. Great for ham radio people. radio-set on cd-rom only
Program for viewing gerber files. When you design a pc board you may want to view the pads and drill patterns from your pc design program. i think you can even make them in this program.  viewmate.exe Tiny Cad is a fully functional free electronic design program from a European university it also produces net lists and parts lists. You can make your own custom parts for component library. 13 meg  TinyCad   on cd-rom only
calculated trace resistance at a given length and temperature, and voltage drop across the trace for a given current. wiregage.zip download
This program allows you to calculate a variety of parameters related to PCB transmission lines for a variety of different configurations and loading conditions. ultraclc.zip download This program will estimate a crosstalk coefficient between two parallel traces for a variety of different configurations. ultra_ct.zip download
Scientific software dealing with the system aspects of radio-transmissions It computes the performances of digital/analog radioelectric links in presence of linear or non-linear distortions and interferences. After you extract it, you must first run reorder.bat this set program up. Radsim30.zip on cd-rom Looks at the relationship between trace current, geometry, and temperature rise of PCB traces. If you are making a high current circuit like triac/scr etc. this tells you voltage drop, resistance change. pcbtemp.zip download
Great program it will take some time to learn all it's capabilities, it has a lot of features.. First you draw schematic then you can make a printed circuit board pattern using either auto route or manual route. it makes net list and Gerber file for you or just print it out on your printer. fully functional except maximum size is 499 pins (great for any hobby type board) however it can also make boards up to 9999 pins if needed (that's big). QCAD download link

This program is designed for use by planning and system design engineers (NMT, GSM, AMPS) . It includes RF engineering and traffic tools. calcucel.zip download

Nice little program for designing coil and getting all spec's on it. RFCALC.zip download
Program for designing tesla coils, little to big from 1 kv to 1 million volts, from 1 inch spark to 170 inch. Gives full details on winding coil, capacitors ever thing you need too know. you just tell it size and input voltage it calculates everything for you. on cdrom only. teslamap57 SwitchMin is a tool for minimizing boolean logic functions. The primary goal is to create minimum cost digital logic circuits from a set of boolean functions. Nice program for cutting down on unnecessary logic gates. on cdrom only. switchmim1001.zip
Simple but good, dual trace. Real audio oscilloscope, use's your sound card as input.   90k zip download T-251 Another oscilloscope, Fancy looking knobs that you spin with your mouse. use's your sound card as input. You must set it right or you get a error box. Small 151 kb on cdrom only T-S151
Dual channel scope, vertical and time base auto range,  cursor and auto freq readout, dB/V readout, peak and slope trig controls, data logging of level readouts over 24 hrs, save to disk. Requires full duplex soundcard on cdrom only   T-2CH Use your computer as a Audio frequency counter and AC voltmeter with rms, data logging, period measurement. Requires full duplex soundcard (SB16 or newer) win/98/me/xp 2 meg on cd-rom onlyT-AFC
PC soundcard (requires 2 per pc) based oscilloscope to monitor Left/Right channels of two soundcards simultaneously. Has frequency counters and AC voltmeters for all 4 channels displayed simultaneously. Auto ranging of levels and timebases independent on all 4 channels or manually adjustable. on cdrom only T-4CH
Up to 24 bit 96K sine wave generation stereo L / R / L+R / L-R. 10-48 kHz with Burst Sine, Square, Triangle, Noise, Sweeps from 1 to 20000 Hz, Saw tooth, Pulse trains, Sine plus Noise, DTMF tones, warble sweeps. 3 meg  Download T-AO
Lab grade Audio Spectrum Analyzer. Uses sound card.16K fft linear or log freq plot, ave/peak response, Blackman window, range/reference options, THD, top 10 harmonics readout, pass/fail testing of target harmonics, persistent reference plot, download SA3000
PC based test system that does automated frequency response, separation, thd vs frequency, frequency counter, spectrum analysis. Tests your sound card & microphone. Generator does sine, square, triangle, noise and burst waveforms. TMS1 on cd-rom only
Audio sound generator. sine/square/triangle 0 to 20 khz. set for constant frequency or frequency  sweep. use's your sound card. Simple but good.  Freeware 159k zip download T-TTG
Records WAV files (16bit 11025 to 44100). Analyze pre-recorded 16/24 bit WAV files of any sample rate without a soundcard. Best used for repetitive sine wave analysis, especially in noisy low signal level situations. Great for analyzing signals from satellites or encoded signals or ham radio signals. Uses synchronous product detection to measure 40 dB below the noise floor. Has Swept Bandpass and FFT Spectrum Analysis modes (16K,65K sample size) with Harmonic Analysis. on cdrom DWL_WFA.ZIP


Requires external hardware as outlined in the help file. Just a few simple parts you can get at radio shack. Measures AC line voltage, current, true rms watts, VA, crest factor of V and A, Power Factor, Line frequency and displays a scope display of the ac line voltage and current. uses sound card as input. monitor anything like microwave, air conditioner etc. WM400 on cdrom only
Analyze  mic/line inputs, pre-recorded wav files or built in test generators using many built on filters or import your own IIR/FIR filter sets. Built in scope and level readouts. On cdrom only SRT.zip


Filter design v4. Written by Almost all digital electronics. One of the best filter design programs. Does graphic analyses of all kinds on the circuit it designs. It is completely free. Compressed size file for download is 11.66 meg. Filter design.exe  download Print your own graph paper. about 40 types, styles. plain, log, circle, etc etc. best program of it's type i have ever seen.  gpaper.exe download


Yet another spice program. design your circuit here, then analyze it with built in spice. Working student version, try it if you like it buy the increased note version. sess.zip on cd-rom only  
Calculate torrid coils for Ferroxcube and other brands also air core and unknown core. minirk12_.exe
Design of DC output inductors Differential mode inductors,  controlled swing inductors where the inductance does not exceed a maximum value at reduced current, wide swing inductors utilizing a composite core of ferrite and iron powder, power factor boost or buck inductor, commonly referred to as a PFC choke, 60 Hz dimmer inductor, Resonant Converter Inductor.  The program accepts user defined design requirements in terms of required inductance, dc resistance, dc bias current and applied ac voltage. The user has the option of specifying core geometry (i.e. Toroid, E-Core or Ferrite/Iron Powder Composite), specific core materials or all materials, metric units or English units, maximum window fill factor, temperature rise, ambient temperature, etc. it will then give you  Micrometals Part Number and a mountain of data for it. so you can get a sample core and wind one. micro_vapr26.exe download   
TDK's Super Ferrite data design program can be downloaded FREE here is link
DB calculator it converts and calculates all kinds of DB's dBcal.zip download  
Calculates resistor combinations for value needed Eqresistors.zip download  
TI Op-amp designer program. The best for designing using TI op-amps includes some kind of spice and plenty examples ti-amp.zip download
Front panel is a design program that does perfect blueprint. you put in rectangular, square, round, display switches etc. chose anodized color. click price and 72 hours later have panel. download
Another TI program so you can design using their chips. includes everything. it is part of TI's electronic lab. If you like it's great capabilities you can buy the FULL electronics lab. so try it today. ti-opamp.zip
Coilcal for designing coils I think it was just made in 2005 calcoil.zip download  
APLAC student version. RF design tool you will like this one. from discrete to board level. designs all types of RF circuits and simulation software. year 2006 so it is got the latest.  aplac.zip 53 meg too big for website on cd-rom only 
Dipfree is the newest and the best i have seen. draw schematic it automatically makes pc board also. we  even put a page (click here) on this site with projects that have the pc board already done in Dipfree.  download 
Spectrum Lab this is a audio program second only to the Sound Technology series only it does not cost $595.00 it is free. download
Quad programmable timers with alarms. pre-settable. stand alone or linked to serials port or parallel ports. on cd-rom only. TC2004.zip 1.5 meg
Calculate the value of resistors for voltage divider and op-amps etc. simple program Resist.zip download
RF simulator of some type. go to their website for details. rfsim99.exe download
Good Spice for students. full function no time out. it comes with spice library for all the demo circuits it comes with. but website have link to manufactures where you can download spice libraries for free. not yet on CD-ROM download only for now. download
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