This page is for Full catalogs or brochures from Heathkit  letters etc. some are free download.
Scanned in their original colors Note: on our flier page we have cover only pictures donated years ago the 1st row may not be correctly dated by Mr. Seitz as we now have original full documents. We now go by this dates below. but left other dates on flier page incase.
                                                                            CD set can be found on manuals page
Analog computer brochure year about 1956  download Full Christmas catalog 1961  size 67 meg download 
Full catalog year 1963 download Full catalog Christmas 1956  on cd set only size 19 meg 
Full catalog year 1978 download Full catalog Summer 1957  size 27 meg download 
Summer catalog year 1951 download Full catalog  1961  on cd set only size 77 meg
Full flyer February 1948  download              Full Lab catalog  1958  on cd set only size 33 meg
Full flyer August 1948 on cd set only              
Full flyer October 1948 on cd set only            
Full flyer November 1948  download            
One of oldest known documents sept 1948  download   
So old they where  still using  their aircraft stationary up  
Old 1940/50's ? "useful information for kit builders"  download  
Oldest known heathkit document Oct 1947 flyer  download  
It was folded for mailing & ink shows very light doubling of image in some spots. it was not printed it was typed & mimeographed