Technology Systems
Here is a list of model #'s and date released
Model #       Name                                                     YEAR
A-7B      6 Watt Amplifier               1951 Main
A-7D      Amp                            1957 Main
A-9A      20 Watt Audio Amp              1951 main
A-9B      Amplifier                      1957 Main
A-9C      20 Watt Amp                    1958 August
AA-1      Audio Analyzer                 1958 March
AA-10     Mono Power amplifier           1961 Main
AA-100    50 Watt Stereo Amplifier       1961 Main
AA-11     Stereo Preamp                  1964 Main
AA-111    28 Watt Stereo  Amp            1964 March
AA-1205   Amp                            1983 Christmas
AA-121    Ultra Linear Amp               1964 Main
AA-1214   Amp                            1975 Main
AA-1219   Stereo Amp                     1981 Winter
AA-13     Mono Amp                       1964 Main
AA-131    Mono Preamp                    1961 Christmas
AA-14     Stereo Amp                     1975 Main
AA-141    Stereo Amp                     1961 Christmas
AA-141A   Stereo Preamp                  1964 Main
AA-15     Stereo Amp                     1974 January
AA-1506   Power Amp                      1977 Christmas
AA-151    Stereo Amplifier               1961 Main
AA-1515   Stereo AMP                     1977 Summer
AA-1600   Stereo Amp                     1981 Winter
AA-161    Combination Amp                1961 Christmas
AA-1640   Stereo Amp                     1977 Summer
AA-18     Solid State Amp                1981 Winter
AA-1800   250 Watts Per Channel Amp      1981 Winter
AA-181    Hi Fi Combination Amp          1961 Christmas
AA-191    Mono Amp                       1964 Main
AA-20     Stereo Preamp                  1961 Main
AA-2005   Amp                            1975 Main
AA-2005A  4 Channel Amp
AA-2010   Amp                            1975 Main
AA-2015   4 Channel Amp
AA-21     Stereo Amp                     1964 Main
AA-21D    Stereo Amp                     1968 Main
AA-22     Stereo Amp                     1964 Main
AA-23     Mono Amp                       1964 Main
AA-2500   Power Amp                      1989 Christmas
AA-29     100 Watt Amp                   1975 Main
AA-30     28 Watt Stereo Amplifier       1961 Main
AA-31     20 Watt Public address System  1961 Main
AA-32     Stereo Amp                     1964 Main
AA-40     80 watt Stereo Amplifier       1961 Main
AA-60     Mono Preamp                    1961 Main
AA-80     Mobile Public Address Amplifier1961 Main
AA-81     35 Watt Power Amp Yes          1961 Christmas
AC-11     FM Multiplex converter         1961 Main
AC-11A    Multiplex Converter            1964 Main
AC-13     Stereo Headphone control Box   1964 Main
AC-17     Headphone Control Unit         1974 January
ACP-1126  Turn Table                     1975 Main
ACP-1130  Turntable                      1983 Christmas
ACP-1143  Turn Table                     1975 Main
ACW-4540  Cassette Deck                  1989 Christmas
AD-1003   Scope                          1975 Main
AD-1013   4 Channel Audio Scope          1974 January
AD-10C    Stereo Mono Record Player      1961 Main
AD-110    Cassette Deck                  1974 January
AD-1125   Turn Table                     1975 Main
AD-1135   Turn Table                     1975 Main
AD-1145   Turn Table                     1975 Main
AD-1304   Audio Processor                1981 Winter
AD-1305   Audio Equalizer                1981 Winter
AD-1307   Audio Control Center
AD-1308   Spectrum Analyzer              1986 Christmas
AD-1309   Noise Generator                1991 Winter
AD-132C   Stereo Cartridge               1964 March
AD-1530   Cassette Deck                  1974 January
AD-16     Tape Recorder                  1968 Main
AD-1701   Output Indicator               1983 Christmas
AD-1702   Crossover                      1981 Winter
AD-1703   Equalizer                      1981 Winter
AD-1706   Audio Processor                1981 Winter
AD-1800   Crossover                      1983 Christmas
AD-22A    Stereo Tape Deck               1964 Main
AD-2550   Surround Sound                 1991 Winter
AD-27     Stereo Compact Turntable       1968 Main
AD-27A    Combination Stereo  Record Chan1974 January
AD-40     4 Track Stereo Tape Recorder   1961 Main
AD-41     Tape Deck Yes                  1961 Christmas
AD-44B    Stereo Cartridge               1964 March
AD-54G    Stereo Cartridge               1964 March
AD-60     Stereo Mono Record Changer     1961 Main
AD-60C    Stereo Mono Record Changer     1961 Main
AD-64H    Stereo Cartridge               1964 March
AD-693F   Stereo Cartridge               1964 March
AD-70     4 Track Stereo Tape Player     1961 Main
AD-72     Stereo Recorder                1964 March
AD-72A    Stereo Tape Player/ Recorder   1964 Main
AD-753F   Stereo Cartridge               1964 March
AD-80C    Stereo Record Changer          1961 Main
AD-92     Turn Table                     1964 Main
ADA-1308  Spectrum Analyzer              1989 Christmas
ADA-22-1  Stereo Tape Recorder           1964 March
ADP-102A  Stereo Earphones               1964 Main
ADP-116   Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-135   Headphones                     1968 Main
ADP-137   Headphones                     1968 Main
ADP-1370  250 Watt Per Channel Amp       1983 Christmas
ADP-147   Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-21    Fairchild Turntable            1961 Main
ADP-24    Turntable                      1964 Main
ADP-37    Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-46    Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-53    Turntable                      1964 March
ADP-55    Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-57    Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-61A   Turntable                      1961 Christmas
ADP-623   Record Care Kit                1964 March
ADP-63    Turntable                      1964 March
ADP-67    Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-71    Headphones                     1961 Christmas
ADP-73    Stereo Tape Splicer            1964 March
ADP-743   Turntable                      1964 March
ADP-77    Turntable                      1968 Main
ADP-83    Tape Head Demagnetizer         1964 March
ADP-92    Stereo Earphones               1964 Main
ADS-1230  Speaker                        1989 Christmas
ADW-2530  Disk Player                    1989 Christmas
AE-13S    Cabinet                        1964 Main
AE-1705   Rack                           1983 Christmas
AE-2501   Cabinet                        1989 Christmas
AE-40U    Cabinet                        1964 Main
AEA-1706  Active Audio Processor         1983 Christmas
AF-1      Audio Frequency Meter          1951 main
AG-10     Sine and Square Wave Generator 1961 Main
AG-8      Audio Generator                1951 Main
AG-9A     Audio Generator                1961 Main
AJ-1      AM FM Multiplex Tuner          1961 Main
AJ-11     AM FM Tuner                    1964 Main
AJ-12     Stereo Tuner                   1964 Main
AJ-1214   Stereo Tuner                   1975 Main
AJ-1219   AM/FM Tuner                    1981 Winter
AJ-13     Stereo Tuner                   1964 Main
AJ-14     30 Watt Stereo Receiver        1974 January
AJ-15     Stereo Tuner                   1975 Main
AJ-1510   Tuner                          1975 Main
AJ-1510A  Digital Stereo Tune r
AJ-1515   Stereo Tune r
AJ-1600   Pro series  AM/FM Tuner        1979 Spring
AJ-21     AM Tuner                       1964 March
AJ-29     Stereo Tuner                   1975 Main
AJ-30     AM FM Multiplex Tuner          1961 Main
AJ-31     FM Tuner                       1961 Christmas
AJ-32     AM FM Stereo Tuner             1964 March
AJ-33     Stereo Tuner                   1964 Main
AJ-33A    AM FM Stereo Tuner             1968 Main
AJ-41     Stereo Tuner                   1964 Main
AJ-43     Stereo Tuner                   1964 Main
AJ-43D    Tuner                          1968 Main
AJ-53     AM Tuner                       1964 Main
AJ-63     FM Mono Tuner                  1964 Main
AJA-1200  Stereo Tuner                   1983 Christmas
AJA-1600  Digital FM/AM Tuner            1981 Winter
AK-1      Microphone                     1961 Main
AK-5      Speaker for the TX-1           1958 August
AK-6      Mobile Bracket for Mt-1 and MR-1959 Main
AK-7      Mobile Speaker                 1959 Main
AM-1      Impedance Meter                1957 Main
AM-2      SWR Meter                      1958 March
AN-2016   Tuner Pream p
AO-1      Audio Oscillator               1951 Main
AP-1615   Stereo Preamp
AP-1800   Stereo Preamp                  1981 Winter
AP-2510   PreAmp                         1989 Christmas
APC-1099  Turn Table                     1975 Main
APC-1136  Turn Table                     1975 Main
APC-1141  Turn Table                     1975 Main
APC-1142  Turn Table                     1975 Main
APC-1146  Turn Table                     1975 Main
AR-1214   Stereo Receiver                1975 Main
AR-1219   AM/FM Stereo Amp               1981 Winter
AR-1250   Stereo Receiver                1983 Christmas
AR-13     AM-FM Stereo                   1964 March
AR-1302   Stereo Receiver                1975 Main
AR-13A    Stereo Receiver                1964 Main
AR-14     Stereo Tuner                   1975 Main
AR-1429   Medium Power Receiver          1981 Winter
AR-15     Stereo Amp                     1975 Main
AR-1500   Stereo Receiver                1979 Spring
AR-1500A  Stereo Receiver                1975 Main
AR-1515   Stereo Receiver                1981 Winter
AR-1650   Stereo System                  1981 Winter
AR-17     Stereo Receiver                1975 Main
AR-2      General Coverage SW Receiver   1951 Main
AR-2      Speaker System                 1961 Main
AR-2020   4 channel Receiver             1975 Main
AR-27     FM-Stereo Receiver             1968 Main
AR-29     Stereo Receiver                1975 Main
AR-3      General Coverage receiver      1957 Main
AS-101    Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-102    Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-1039   Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-103A   Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-104    Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-1042   Two Way Speaker System         1974 January
AS-105    Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-106    Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-1082   Speaker                        1989 Christmas
AS-10U    Acoustic Suspension Speaker    1961 Main
AS-113    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-1140   Speaker                        1979 Spring
AS-123    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-1321   Speaker                        1983 Christmas
AS-133    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-1332   Speaker
AS-1342   Speaker                        1981 Winter
AS-1344   Speaker
AS-1348   Floor Speaker                  1981 Winter
AS-1352   Speaker
AS-1363   Speaker
AS-1373   3 Way Speaker                  1981 Winter
AS-143    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-153    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-16     Electro Voice Speaker          1968 Main
AS-163    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-173    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-183    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-193U   Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-20     Altec Speaker                  1961 Main
AS-21U    Deluxe Speaker                 1961 Main
AS-21W    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-22U    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-27     Three Way Speaker              1974 January
AS-2A     Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-2AW    Deluxe Speaker System          1964 March
AS-2U     Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-30     Electro-Voice Speaker          1961 Main
AS-40     Jensen Speaker                 1961 Main
AS-41U    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-48     Speaker                        1975 Main
AS-51U    Speaker                        1964 Main
AS-60     Jensen Speaker                 1961 Main
AS-70     Altec Speaker                  1961 Main
AS-81U    Speaker                        1964 Main
ASA-1442  Speaker                        1981 Winter
ASW-41    Low cost Speaker System        1961 Main
ASW-41U   Speaker System                 1961 Christmas
ASX-1383  Speaker                        1981 Winter
AT-1      Amateur Transmitter            1951 Main
ATP-1233  Cassette Deck
ATP-1236  Cassette Deck
ATP-1244  Dolby Cassette Deck            1979 Spring
ATP-1482  Cassette Deck                  1981 Winter
ATP-1484  Metal Cassette Deck            1981 Winter
ATP-1846  Cassette Deck                  1983 Christmas
AV-2      Voltmeter                      1951 Main
AV-3      Audio VTVM                     1961 Main
AVS-10    Video Dubber                   1991 Winter
AW-1      Audio Oscillator               1957 Main
B-1       Balun Coil                     1958 March
BC-1      AM Tuner                       1957 Main
BC-1A     Wide Band AM Tuner             1958 March
BC-227    Wall Receptacle Control Module 1991 Winter
BC-245    Heavy Duty Control Module      1991 Winter
BC-284    Alarm Control Interface        1991 Winter
BC-290A   Computer Control Interface     1991 Winter
BC-465    Lamb Control Module            1991 Winter
BC-466    Appliance Control Module       1991 Winter
BC-467    Wall Switch Control Module     1991 Winter
BC-4777   3 Way Switch Control Set       1991 Winter
BC-5000   Remote Home Control            1991 Winter
BC-503    Maxi Command Center            1991 Winter
BE-4      Battery Eliminator             1951 Main
BE-5      Battery Eliminator             1958 March
BF-1      Ripple Filter Kit              1958 March
BG-1      Bar Generator                  1951 Main
BH-110    Thermometer                    1989 Christmas
BH-1750   Blood Pressure Monitor         1989 Christmas
BP-1234   Battery Charger                1989 Christmas
BR-2      Broadcast Receiver             1951 Main
BT-1      Battery Tester                 1957 Main
BT-1550   Phone                          1989 Christmas
BT-1600   Phone                          1989 Christmas
BT-1700   Phone                          1989 Christmas
BV-612    Movie Converter                1991 Winter
BW-100    Weather System                 1989 Christmas
C-3       Condenser Checker              1951 Main
CA-1      Conelrad Alert                 1958 March
CAP-1264  Graphic Equalizer              1979 Spring
CB-1      Citizens Band Transceiver      1959 June
CBF-1     Fixed Location Antenna Yes     1961 Christmas
CC-1      Tube Checker                   1957 Main
CD-1      Color Bar and Dot Generator    1958 March
CG-102                                   1992 August
CG-104    Compact Scale                  1992 August
CG-105    Mini Alarm                     1992 August
CG-106    Week Programming Control       1992 August
CG-107    Radar Watch Dog                1992 August
CG-108    Note Pad Plus                  1992 August
CG-112    Light Bulb Smoke Detector      1992 August
CG-113    Power Inverter                 1992 August
CG-114    VCR+                           1992 August
CG-115    Whistler Auto Alarm            1992 August
CG-117    Night Guide light              1992 August
CG-119    Thermostat  Baseboard Heater   1992 August
CG-121    Power Lock Out                 1992 August
CG-123    Gas Detector                   1992 August
CG-125    Video Multiplier               1992 August
CG-126    Dimming Wall Switch            1992 August
CG-127    Fluorescent Switch             1992 August
CG-128    Dimming Fixture Module         1992 August
CG-129    Appliance Switch               1992 August
CG-131    Command Center Control         1992 August
CG-132    Surge Suppressor               1992 August
CG-133    Hidden Wall Switch  Timer      1992 August
CG-2010   Back-UP Alarm                  1992 August
CG-2653   Remote Motion Detector         1992 August
CGP-1036  Basic Tester                   1975 Main
CGS-101   3 Channel Intercom             1992 August
CGW-1562  Auto G Meter                   1989 Christmas
CH-101    Door Vision System             1991 Winter
CH-102    TV Sentry                      1991 Winter
CH-1068   Wiper Delay                    1981 Winter
CH-120    Cat Door                       1992 August
CH-1276   Auto Horn                      1983 Christmas
CH-140    Phone Extension                1992 August
CH-300    Cosmos Safe                    1991 Winter
CHS-400-1 Home Automation System         1991 Winter
CI-1      Marine Battery Charge Indicator1958 March
CI-1020   Timing Light                   1975 Main
CI-1040   Timing Light                   1981 Winter
CI-1079   Tach
CI-1080   Exhaust Gas Analyzer           1989 Christmas
CI-1096   Timing Light                   1981 Winter
CI-1098   Self Powered Timing Light      1981 Winter
CI-1265   Tach/Speedometer               1979 Spring
CI-1265-1 Dig ital Speed and tach        1981 Winter
CI-1525   Inside/Outside Temp for Autos  1981 Winter
CI-2055   Ignition Tester                1981 Winter
CI-2063   Charging System Tester         1989 Christmas
CI-2065   Charger System Tester          1981 Winter
CL-101    Personal Security Alarm        1992 August
CL-103    Security Camera                1992 August
CL-250    Power Drapery Kit              1992 August
CL-300    Super Clean II Air Cleaner     1992 August
CL-640    Hour Off Control               1992 August
CL-640A   Hour Off Control               1991 Winter
CL-800    Call In Control                1991 Winter
CL-810A   Safety Light                   1991 Winter
CL-850    No Touch Light Switch          1992 August
CM-1      Capacity Meter                 1957 Main
CM-1045   Small Engine Tune Up Meter     1975 Main
CM-1050   Analog Engine Analyzer         1981 Winter
CM-1073   Three in one Tune-Up Meter     1981 Winter
CM-1550   Engine Analyzer                1981 Winter
CM-1551   Engine Analyzer                1983 Christmas
CM-2045   Small Engine Tune-up Meter     1979 Spring
CM-2945   Small Engine Tune-up Meter     1981 Winter
CMW-1570  Engine Analyzer                1989 Christmas
CO-1      Code Practice Oscillator       1964 Main
CO-1015   Budget Ignition Analyzer       1981 Winter
CO-1515   Ignition Analyzer              1979 Spring
CO-2015   Ignition Analyzer              1983 Christmas
CO-2600   Ignition Analyzer              1981 Winter
CP-1060   CD Ignition System             1975 Main
CP-8      Remote Control                 1989 Christmas
CR-1      Crystal Set                    1957 Main
CR-1000A  Auto Stereo                    1975 Main
CRP-1266  In Dash 8 Track Stereo         1979 Spring
CRP-1267  In Dash Cassette Stereo        1979 Spring
CS-1      Condenser Substitution Box     1958 June
CS-1048   Cruse Control
CS-2048   Speed Control                  1981 Winter
CSP-1261  Speaker                        1979 Spring
CSP-1262  Speaker                        1979 Spring
CT-1      In-Circuit Capacitor-tester    1958 March
CT-104    Talking Clock                  1992 August
CT-1080   Exhaust analyzer               1989 Christmas
CT-136    Roman Numeral Clock            1992 August
CT-3400   Intelligent Thermostat         1991 Winter
CTW-1170  Voltage Reg Tester             1975 Main
CTW-1572  Led Tach                       1989 Christmas
CW-106    Fax Phone Auto Switch          1992 August
CW-108    Call Screener                  1992 August
CW-109    Phone Cord Reel                1992 August
CW-111    Fax Modem                      1992 August
CW-113    Copier to Fax Converter        1992 August
CW-114    Walk and Talk                  1992 August
CW-118    Safeguard                      1992 August
CW-119    Air Blower                     1992 August
CW-120    Doorbell Extender              1992 August
CW-121    Sound Effects For The Phone    1992 August
CW-122    Solar Address Marker           1992 August
CW-123    Solar-Powered Light            1992 August
CW-124    Radiation Detector             1992 August
CW-125    3 Line Telephone Router        1992 August
CW-126    Telephone Amplifier            1992 August
CW-128    Voice Changing Telephone       1992 August
CW-129    Caller ID                      1992 August
CW-134    People Heater                  1992 August
DC-1      Decade Resistance Box          1951 Main
DC-1100   Sonar Fish Finder              1989 Christmas
DF-1      Direction Finder Radio         1958 March
DF-2      Direction Finder Radio         1958 June
DR-3      Decade Resistance Box          1957 Main
DX-100    Amateur Transmitter            1957 Main
DX-100B   Amateur Transmitter            1958 June
DX-20     Amateur Transmitter            1957 Main
DX-35     Amateur Transmitter            1957 Main
DX-40     Amateur Transmitter            1958 March
DX-60     Amateur Transmitter            1961 Main
DX-60A    Amateur Transmitter
DX-60B    Amateur Transmitter            1968 Main
E-200     Thermostat                     1989 Christmas
E-930     Emergencies Thermostat         1991 Winter
EA-1      3 Watt Mono Amplifier          1961 Main
EA-2      Bookshelf 12 Watt Amp          1958 March
EA-3      Mono Amplifier                 1961 Main
EAC-1     Auto Electrical System Course  1981 Winter
EC-1      Educational Analog Computer    1961 Main
EC-3101   DC Electronics Course          1981 Winter
EC-3104   Electronic Course              1981 Winter
EC-6800   Programming Course             1981 Winter
ECC-3102  AC-Electronics Course          1981 Winter
ECC-3105  Applications Course            1981 Winter
ECC-3201  Digital Course                 1981 Winter
ED-1      Boat Electrolysis Detector     1958 March
EE-101    Learn OP amps                  1981 Winter
EE-102    Learn Active Filters           1981 Winter
EE-103    IC-Timer                       1981 Winter
EE-104    Learn Phase Locked Loops       1981 Winter
EE-3140   Hobbyist Electronic Course     1981 Winter
EE-3401   Computer Course                1981 Winter
EE-3401-1 Teachers Course                1981 Winter
EEC-3103  Semiconductor Course           1981 Winter
EF-1      Electronic Course for VTVMs    1961 Christmas
EF-1-4    Electronics Course             1964 Main
EF-2-3    Understanding the Oscilloscope 1964 Main
EF-3      Understanding Signal Gen Course1964 Main
EK-1      Basic Electricity Course       1961 Main
EK-2      2 Part Course                  1964 Main
EK-2A     Basic Radio Course             1961 Main
EK-3      Basic Transistors Course       1964 Main
ER-3701   Novice Course                  1981 Winter
ER-3702   General Class Course           1981 Winter
ES-400    Analog Computer                1958 Main
ES-600    Function Generator             1958 Main
ET-1      Enlarger Timer                 1957 Main
ET-11     Hero Robot                     1983Christmas
ET-3100   Experimenter/Trainer           1981 Winter
ET-3300   Optoelectronics Course         1981 Winter
ET-3400   Microprocessor Trainer         1981 Winter
ET-6800   Programming Trainer            1981 Winter
ETS-19C   Hero 2000 Robot                1989 Christmas
ETW-3200  Digital Trainer                1981 Winter
EU-13A    Experimental Chassis and Parts 1968Main
EUA-19-4  PA Amp                         1968 Main
EUB-19B   Volt Ohm Meter                 1968 Main
EUW-15    Power Supply                   1964 Main
EUW-16    Line Voltage Reference Source  1964 Main
EUW-16A   Voltage Reference Source       1968 Main
EUW-17    Power Supply                   1964 Main
EUW-18    Lab Meter                      1964 Main
EUW-19A   PA                             1964 Main
EUW-20A   Chart Recorder                 1964 Main
EUW-20M   Multi Speed Recorder           1968 Main
EUW-24    Lab VTVM                       1964 March
EUW-25    3" Oscilloscope                1968 Main
EUW-27    Sine-Square Generator          1968 Main
EUW-28    Lab Meter                      1968 Main
EUW-29    Capacitance Substitution Box   1968 Main
EUW-30    Decade Resistance Box          1968 Main
EUW-301   pH Recording Electrometer      1964 Main
EUW-402   Polarography Lab               1968 Main
EV-2      Servo Meter                    1964 Main
EV-3      IMP Scope                      1964 Main
EVW-3     Lab Scope                      1968 Main
EW-4100   Weather Course                 1981 Winter
EWA-4100  Storm Alert Radio              1981 Winter
F-2526    Gun Cabnet                     1983 Christmas
F-2530    Grandfather Clock              1983 Christmas
F-2531    Clock                          1983 Christmas
F-2534    Desktop Weather Set            1983 Christmas
F-2544    Table                          1983 Christmas
F-2555    Table                          1983 Christmas
FC-2500                                  1989 Christmas
FC-2505   Phone                          1989 Christmas
FL-101    Cealing Fan Control            1991 Winter
FM-3A     FM Tuner                       1957 Main
FM-4      FM Tuner                       1961 Main
FMO-1     FM Alignment Generator         1961 Main
FT-1-12   Fuel Vapor Indicator 12 Volt   1958 March
FT-1-6    Fuel Vapor Indicator 6 Volt    1958 March
GB-1201   Stopwatch
GC-1000   Clock                          1989 Christmas
GC-1000H  Clock                          1991 Winter
GC-1005   Digital Alarm Clock            1975 Main
GC-1007   Radio Alarm Clock
GC-1092A  Clock                          1975 Main
GC-1093   Trip Timer
GC-1107   Digital Alarm Clock            1981 Winter
GC-1108   Digital Clock                  1989 Christmas
GC-1195   Grandfather Clock              1982 Fall
GC-1197   Digital Super Clock            1981 Winter
GC-1406   Digital Clock                  1979 Spring
GC-1415   Auto Digital Clock             1981 Winter
GC-1720   Wall Clock                     1981 Winter
GC-1A     Mohican General Coverage Radi  1961 Main
GCA-1000-5Most Accurate Clock            1991 Winter
GCW-1001  Most Accurate Clock II         1992 August
GCW-1562  G Force Indicator              1987 Christmas
GD-10     Portable Phonograph            1961 Main
GD-1003   Air Purifier                   1975 Main
GD-1018   Lamp Dimmer                    1975 Main
GD-1019   Battery Powered Thermometer    1974 January
GD-1021   Photo Beam Alarm               1981 Winter
GD-1024   "Hands Off" Telephone Amp      1974 January
GD-1026   Emergency Strobe Light         1979 Spring
GD-1053   Servo                          1975 Main
GD-107    Portable Phonograph            1968 Main
GD-1083   Freezer Alarm                  1982 Fall
GD-109    Portable Stereo Phonograph     1974 January
GD-110    6 station Intercom
GD-1110   Pinball Machine
GD-1112   Hands Free Telephone Amp       1981 Winter
GD-1114   FM Wireless Intercom           1981 Winter
GD-113    Intercom                       1975 Main
GD-1150   Ultra Sonic Cleaner            1975 Main
GD-1151   Ultra Sonic Cleaner            1981 Winter
GD-1151H  Ultra-Sound Cleaner            1991 Winter
GD-1156   Security Dialer                1981 Winter
GD-1157   Auto Security Kit              1979 Spring
GD-1183   Freezer Alarm                  1981 Winter
GD-1186   Digital Scales                 1983 Christmas
GD-1187   Remote Light Kit               1981 Winter
GD-1190   Metal Locator                  1983 Christmas
GD-1195   Clock
GD-1196   Electronic Furnace Filter      1981 Winter
GD-120    Intercom                       1975 Main
GD-121    Intercom                       1964 Main
GD-1219   Battery Thermometer            1975 Main
GD-1220   Pinball Game                   1981 Winter
GD-1226   Digital Thermometer            1981 Winter
GD-1235   Chess Game
GD-1238   Ceiling Fan                    1979 Spring
GD-1238A  Ceiling Fan                    1981 Winter
GD-1246   Rechargeable Light             1979 Spring
GD-1246A  Rechargeable Portable Light    1981 Winter
GD-1247   Air cleaner                    1979 Spring
GD-125    Q-Multiplier                   1968 Main
GD-1268   Setback Thermostat             1980 Winter
GD-128    TV Ant                         1969 Main
GD-1287   Electronic Air Cleaner         1981 Winter
GD-1287   Touch Switch                   1983 Christmas
GD-1290   Metal Locator                  1983 Christmas
GD-1296   Air Filter                     1983 Christmas
GD-1297   Air purifier                   1983 Christmas
GD-130    Intercom                       1975 Main
GD-1338   Ceiling Fan                    1983 Christmas
GD-138    TV Ant                         1969 Main
GD-1396   Furnace Air Cleaner            1989 Christmas
GD-140    Intercom                       1979 Spring
GD-1414   Smoke Alarm
GD-148    TV Ant                         1969 Main
GD-1530   Interface kit                  1983 Christmas
GD-1558   Auto Alarm                     1979 Spring
GD-1568   Theft Alarm                    1981 Winter
GD-158    TV Ant                         1969 Main
GD-1590   Burglar Alarm                  1983 Christmas
GD-16     Portable Phonograph            1968 Main
GD-160    Camper Intercom                1981 Winter
GD-168    TV Ant                         1969 Main
GD-1701   Food Alarm                     1983 Christmas
GD-1702   Home Sentry                    1989 Christmas
GD-1703   Battery Life Tester            1989 Christmas
GD-1707   Flood Alarm                    1989 Christmas
GD-1776   Programmable Setback Thermost  1981 Winter
GD-178    TV Ant                         1969 Main
GD-18     Siren/PA System                1981 Winter
GD-1800   Security System                1981 Winter
GD-1810   Siren/PA                       1989 Christmas
GD-187    Stereo Changer                 1968 Main
GD-188    TV Ant                         1969 Main
GD-19     R/C Control System             1974 January
GD-198    Rabbit Ears For TV             1968 Main
GD-1A     Grid Dip Meter                 1951 Main
GD-1B     Grid Dipper                    1957 Main
GD-20     Radio controlled Garage Door   1961 Main
GD-2007   Electronic Bug Killer          1968 Main
GD-208    Chimney Mount                  1968 Main
GD-20A    Garage Door Opener             1964 Main
GD-212    Auto Ignition System           1964 March
GD-218    Roof TV Mast Mount             1968 Main
GD-2225   Greenhouse
GD-232A   Organ                          1964 Main
GD-238    100' Coax  With Connectors     1968 Main
GD-248    Coax Distribution Kit for TV   1969 Main
GD-28     Eight Track Stereo Player      1974 January
GD-29     Microwave Oven                 1975 Main
GD-309A   Garage Opener                  1975 Main
GD-31     Stereo Phono console           1961 Main
GD-3209A  Garage Door Opener             1975 Main
GD-325B   Electronic Organ               1968 Main
GD-325C   Thomas Organ                   1968 Main
GD-3309C  Garage Door Opener             1981 Winter
GD-348    Low Cost Metal Detector        1981 Winter
GD-3509   Garage Door Opener             1983 Christmas
GD-3510   Security Light Control         1983 Christmas
GD-3610   Light Control                  1989 Christmas
GD-3650   Dazer Dog Control Unit         1992 August
GD-3660   Water Detector                 1992 August
GD-3710   Copy Cam                       1991 Winter
GD-3730   Message Stopper (Answer machi  1991 Winter
GD-3740   Wedge Stereo Silencer          1991 Winter
GD-3750   Interruption Blocker           1991 Winter
GD-3800   Smart Home                     1989 Christmas
GD-3810   Security Signal                1989 Christmas
GD-3830   Keyless Lock                   1989 Christmas
GD-3835   Keyless Garage Lock            1989 Christmas
GD-39     Sonic Alarm                    1975 Main
GD-4001   Weather Computer               1991 Winter
GD-48     Metal Locator                  1975 Main
GD-49     Ultra Sonic Security Alarm     1981 Winter
GD-51     Intercom                       1964 Main
GD-51A    Intercom                       1968 Main
GD-600    Photoelectric Light Switch     1983 Christmas
GD-61     Reverberation Unit             1961 Main
GD-61W    Reverberation Unit             1961 Christmas
GD-69     Thumb Tach                     1975 Main
GD-71     Telephone Amplifier            1961 Main
GD-77     Receiver Alarm                 1975 Main
GD-793A   Motor Speed Control            1968 Main
GD-87     Smoke/Heat Alarm               1968 Main
GD-87A    Fire Detector Transmitter      1975 Main
GD-97     Utility Transmitter            1975 Main
GD-973    Motor Speed Control            1964 Main
GD-983    Organ                          1964 Main
GDA-1057  R/C Kit                        1975 Main
GDA-1919  R/C System                     1981 Winter
GDA-2800  RF Security System             1983 Christmas
GDA-405   R/C System                     1975 Main
GDA-47    R/C System                     1968 Main
GDC-085   Compact Multi Band Radio       1981 Christmas
GDC-2900  Portable All Band Radio        1981 Christmas
GDC-4900  Shortwave Receiver             1981 Christmas
GDP-105   Pencil Soldering Iron          1968 Main
GDP-106   Floor Stand                    1968 Main
GDP-1115  Cordless Commander             1983 Christmas
GDP-112   Battery Charger                1964 March
GDP-122   Automotive Charger             1964 Main
GDP-1227  Record-a-Call                  1981 Winter
GDP-1237  Record-a-call                  1981 Winter
GDP-127   Cartridge Tape Recorder        1968 Main
GDP-1270  Sound Activated Switch         1983 Christmas
GDP-132   Automotive Charger             1964 Main
GDP-134   Trans-nition System            1964 Main
GDP-1340  Telephone                      1983 Christmas
GDP-1341  Telephone                      1983 Christmas
GDP-1369  Automatic Thermostat           1981 Winter
GDP-1510  Command Console                1983 Christmas
GDP-1515  Telephone Responder            1983 Christmas
GDP-1520A Timer                          1983 Christmas
GDP-166   Light Dimmer                   1968 Main
GDP-174A  Stereocorder                   1968 Main
GDP-1850  Video Camera                   1979 Spring
GDP-1851  Video Monitor                  1979 Spring
GDP-200   Light Magnifier                1989 Christmas
GDP-202   Lamp                           1964 March
GDP-204   Nut Driver Set                 1964 Main
GDP-207   Soldering Pencil               1968 Main
GDP-214   TV Ant Rotor                   1969 Main
GDP-217   Soldering Pencil               1968 Main
GDP-2196  CB
GDP-222   Auto Miles Per Gallon Meter    1964 March
GDP-233   UHF TV Ant                     1969 Main
GDP-237   Stereo Tape Recorder           1968 Main
GDP-247   Tape Deck                      1968 Main
GDP-251   Electric Drill                 1961 Christmas
GDP-257   Sock-o-matic                   1968 Main
GDP-258   Ant Rotor                      1969 Main
GDP-261   Electric Drill                 1961 Christmas
GDP-267   Portable Tape Recorder         1968 Main
GDP-271   Jig Saw                        1962 Christmas
GDP-273   Telescope                      1964 March
GDP-281   Orbit Sander                   1961 Christmas
GDP-283   Drill Kit                      1964 March
GDP-291   6" Saw                         1961 Christmas
GDP-2931  1/2" Drill                     1964 March
GDP-301   7" Saw                         1961 Christmas
GDP-303   Saber Saw                      1964 March
GDP-311   Stapler                        1961 Christmas
GDP-321   TV Booster                     1961 Christmas
GDP-323   7" Power Saw                   1964 March
GDP-331   TV Booster                     1961 Christmas
GDP-331T  TV Ant Booster                 1964 March
GDP-341   Radiation Measurement Set      1961 Christmas
GDP-351   Binoculars                     1961 Christmas
GDP-361   Binoculars                     1961 Christmas
GDP-381   Telescope                      1961 Christmas
GDP-3900  See-Thru Alarm Clock           1989 Christmas
GDP-391   Telescope                      1961 Christmas
GDP-44    UHF Converter                  1964 March
GDP-4410  Chess Challenger               1981 Winter
GDP-64    Magnifying Light               1964 March
GDP-66    Shure Mike                     1968 Main
GDP-663   Wire Stripper                  1964 Main
GDP-76    Shure Mike                     1968 Main
GDP-763-N Capacitive Discharge System -  1964 March
GDP-763-P Capacitive Discharge System +  1964 March
GDP-86    Shure mike                     1968 Main
GDP-94    TV Ant Booster                 1964 March
GDS-3800  Smart Home Security System     1988 Winter
GDW-451W  Stereo Phono System            1961 Main
GDZ-1320  Color Video Display            1981 Winter
GDZ-620   Security Closed circuit TV     1981 Winter
GDZ-9800  Video Director                 1983 Christmas
GFP-13    Propane Torch                  1964 March
GFP-73    Antenna Rotor TV               1964 March
GFP-83    Auto Basic Tester Kit          1964 March
GH-10     Tool Kit                       1961 Main
GH-12     Mobile Mike                    1968 Main
GH-12A    Mobile Mike                    1968 main
GH-17     Soldering Irom                 1968 Main
GH-25     Deluxe Tool Set                1968 Main
GH-52     Soldering Kit                  1964 Main
GP-1004   Battery Charger                1974 January
GP-1044   15 Amp Charger                 1981 Winter
GP-11     Mobile Power Supply for Lunch  1961 Main
GP-21     10 Amp Battery Charger         1981 Winter
GPX-2020  Blood Pressure Monitor         1986 Christmas
GR-10     Radio                          1964 Main
GR-1008   AM Portable Radio              1981 Winter
GR-1009   Portable Radio                 1983 Christmas
GR-1075   Digital Alarm Clock AM, FM,    1981 Winter
GR-1085   Radio
GR-11     Radio                          1964 Main
GR-110    Scanner                        1975 Main
GR-1131   Scanner
GR-1132   Scanner
GR-1133   Scanner
GR-121    Clock Radio                    1964 Main
GR-131    AM Table Radio Yes             1961 Christmas
GR-151    Portable Radio                 1964 March
GR-151A   Radio                          1964 Main
GR-151B   Radio                          1975 Main
GR-17     Solid State Radio              1975 Main
GR-1900   Color TV                       1975 Main
GR-1901   TV                             1983 Christmas
GR-2000   Color TV                       1981 Winter
GR-2001   25" TV                         1981 Winter
GR-2033   TV                             1991 Winter
GR-2050   21" Color TV                   1981 Winter
GR-21     FM Table model radio           1961 Main
GR-22A    TV                             1964 Main
GR-24     Solid state AM Radio           1975 Main
GR-2501   TV                             1983 Christmas
GR-2700   TV                             1989 Christmas
GR-2701   TV                             1989 Christmas
GR-28     Solid State AM Radio           1974 January
GR-3000   TV                             1983 Christmas
GR-36     Stereo Table Radio             1968 Main
GR-4000   Projection TV                  1981 Winter
GR-41     FM Car Radio                   1964 March
GR-43     Shortwave Receiver             1968 Main
GR-43A    All Band Shortwave Radio       1968 Main
GR-4500   TV                             1989 Christmas
GR-48     Solid State Portable Radio     1975 Main
GR-500    19" Color TV                   1981 Winter
GR-5005   TV                             1983 Christmas
GR-53A    TV                             1964 Main
GR-54     Shortwave Receiver             1968 Main
GR-61     Radio                          1964 Main
GR-64     Shortwave Receiver             1968 Main
GR-78     General Coverage Receiver      1975 Main
GR-8000   Projection TV                  1989 Christmas
GR-81     SW Radio                       1964 Main
GR-88     VHF FM Receiver                1975 Main
GR-900    Color TV                       1975 Main
GR-9009   TV                             1991 Winter
GR-91     SW Radio                       1964 Main
GR-98     Aircraft Monitor               1975 Main
GRA-21-1  Stereo Converter               1964 Main
GRA-72    SWL Antenna                    1989 Christmas
GRS-65A   CB                             1968 Main
GRZ-1327  TV                             1983 Christmas
GRZ-1810  Color Video Camera             1983 Christmas
GRZ-486   Clock Radio                    1981 Christmas
GRZ-70    AM, FM, Portable Radio         1981 Winter
GRZ-92    9" B&W TV                      1981 Winter
GRZ-93    TV                             1983 Christmas
GRZ-9750  VCR                            1981 Christmas
GRZ-99    Portable Cassette Radio        1981 Christmas
GS-4500   Video Organizer                1983 Christmas
GT-101    Hilltopper Mini Bike           1974 January
GT-1217   One button Phone Dialer        1981 Winter
GT-1218   Telephone ringer               1983 Christmas
GT-2217   Dialer                         1983 Christmas
GU-1800   Trash Compactor                1975 Main
GU-1810   Log Splitter                   1981 Winter
GW-10     Citizens Band Transceiver      1961 Main
GW-10A    Citizens Band Transceiver      1961 Main
GW-11A    CB                             1964 Main
GW-12A    CB                             1964 Main
GW-12D    CB Mobile                      1964 March
GW-14     CB                             1968 Main
GW-14A    5 Watt CB                      1974 January
GW-21     Hand Held CB                   1964 Main
GW-21A    CB                             1968 Main
GW-22A    CB                             1964 Main
GW-30     CB Walkie Talkie               1961 Christmas
GW-31     Walkie Talkie Citizens Band    1961 Main
GW-32A    CB                             1964 March
GW-32D    CB Mobile                      1964 March
GW-42     CB                             1964 Main
GW-52     Hand Held CB                   1964 Main
GW-52A    CB                             1968 Main
GWA-30    CB Walkie Talkie               1964 March
GWP-2186  CB
GWP-2197  CB
GY-11     Fixed location Antenna         1961 Christmas
GY-21     Antenna CB                     1961 Christmas
GY-31     Bumper Mount                   1961 Christmas
H-11A     Computer System                1981 Winter
H-14      Line printer                   1981 Winter
H-19      Video Terminal                 1981 Winter
H-27      Computer System                1981 Winter
H-47      Floppy System                  1981 Winter
H-77      Computer System                1981 Winter
H-8       Computer System                1981 Winter
H-89      Computer System                1981 Winter
H-9       Computer Terminal              1981 Winter
HA-10     Warrior Amp                    1964 Main
HA-14     Kompact Kilowatt               1968 Main
HA-201    10 Watt 2 Meter  AMP           1975 Main
HA-201A   10 Watt 2 meter Amp            1981 Winter
HA-202    40 Watt 2 Meter Amp            1975 Main
HA-202A   40 watt 2 meter amp            1981 Winter
HA-8-3    Color Graphics Board           1981 Winter
HD-1      Harmonic Distortion Meter      1958 March
HD-10     Keyer                          1975 Main
HD-11     Q-Multiplier                   1964 Main
HD-1226   Field Strength Meter           1981 Winter
HD-1234   Coax Switch                    1981 Winter
HD-1416   CW Oscillator                  1981 Winter
HD-1418   Active Audio Filter            1983 Christmas
HD-15     Hybrid Phone Patch             1975 Main
HD-16     Code Practice Oscillator       1975 Main
HD-19     Phone Patch                    1964 Main
HD-1984   Micorder                       1981 Winter
HD-1986   Microlyzer                     1985 Fall
HD-20     100 KHZ Calibrator             1975 Main
HD-3006   RTTY Display
HD-8999   Ultra Pro Keyboard             1983 Christmas
HDP-121A  Desk Mic                       1981 Winter
HDP-1340  Mobile PTT Mic                 1981 Winter
HDP-14    Amateur Radio Headset          1964 March
HDP-1470  Two Meter Beam                 1981 Winter
HDP-1473  Beam                           1981 Winter
HDP-21-A  Desk Mic                       1975 Main
HDP-21A   Station Mike                   1968 main
HDP-24    Mast for Mobile Antenna        1964 March
HDP-242   Mike                           1982 Fall
HDP-34    Mobile Antenna 75 Meter        1964 March
HDP-3515  Balun                          1981 Winter
HDP-3700  Low Pass Filter                1981 Winter
HDP-44    Mobile Antenna 40 Meter        1964 March
HDP-54    Mobile Antenna 20 meter        1964 March
HFS-28    Home Entertainment Center      1961 Main
HFT-9     Antenna Tuner                  1983 Christmas
HG-10     VFO                            1964 Main
HG-10B    VFO                            1975 Main
HH-1      Speaker                        1957 Main
HH-1B     Speaker System                 1958 Winter
HL-2200   Amp                            1983 Christmas
HM-102    Watt meter/ SWR Bridge         1981 Winter
HM-10A    Tunnel Dipper                  1964 Main
HM-11     SWR meter                      1964 Main
HM-15     SWR Meter                      1968 Main
HM-2102   VHF Watt Meter                 1975 Main
HM-2103   Wattmeter Dummy Load           1975 Main
HM-2140A  Dual Wattmeter                 1983 Christmas
HM-2141   VHF Dual watt meter            1981 Winter
HM-9      Wattmeter                      1983 Christmas
HN-31     Cantenna                       1981 Winter
HN-31A    Cantenna                       1983 Christmas
HO-10     Monitor Scope                  1964 Main
HO-13     Ham-Scan                       1964 Main
HO-5454   Station Monitor                1985 Fall
HP-10     Mobile Supply for MR-1 & MT-1  1961 Main
HP-13     Mobile Power Supply            1975 Main
HP-14     KW Power Supply                1968 Main
HP-20     AC Power Supply for MT-1 & MR  1961 Main
HP-23     Fixed Station Power Supply     1975 Main
HP-23A    Power Supply for the SB/HW-101 1968 Main
HP-23B    Power Supply for SB-101        1964 Main
HR-10     Amateur Receiver               1964 Main
HR-10B    Amateur Receiver               1975 Main
HR-1680   SSB CW Receiver                1983 Christmas
HR-20     Mobile Amateur Receiver        1964 Main
HRA-10-1  100 HZ Calibrator              1975 Main
HS-1661   Speaker                        1981 Winter
HS-24     Speaker                        1964 Main
HW-10     Shawnee 6 and 2 Meter Transceiv1964 Main
HW-100    All Band SSB Transceiver       1968 main
HW-101    Amateur Transceiver            1981 Winter
HW-104    5 Band Transceiver             1977 Summer
HW-12     Amateur 80 Meter Transceiver   1964 Main
HW-12A    80 Meter SSB Rig               1968 Main
HW-16     CW Transceiver                 1975 Main
HW-17     2 Meter AM fixed Rig           1961 Main
HW-19     10 meter Lunchbox              1961 Main
HW-20     2 Meter Amateur transceiver    1961 Main
HW-202    2 meter Transceiver            1975 Main
HW-2036   2 Meter Transceiver            1977 Summer
HW-22     Amateur 40 Meter Transceiver   1964 Main
HW-22A    40 Meter SSB rig               1968 Main
HW-29     6 meter Lunchbox               1961 Main
HW-29A    6 Meter Lunchbox Transceiver   1964 Main
HW-30     2 Meter Lunchbox Transceiver   1964 Main
HW-32     Amateur 20 Meter Transceiver   1964 Main
HW-32A    20 Meter SSB rig               1968 Main
HW-5400   Amateur Transceiver            1983 Christmas
HW-7      QRP Amateur Transceiver        1975 main
HW-8      QRP Amateur Transceiver        1982 Fall
HWA-17-1  Mobile Supply for the HW-17    1968 Main
HWA-202-2 Tone Encoder                   1975 Main
HWA-2036-3Power Supply                   1977 Summer
HWP-6402  2 Meter Hand Held              1985 Fall
HWP-6420  2 Meter Transceiver            1985 Fall
HWP-6422  220 Transceiver                1985 Fall
HWP-6450  440 Transceiver                1985 Fall
HX-10     Marauder SSB Transmitter       1964 Main
HX-11     Amateur Transmitter            1964 Main
HX-1661   Amateur Transmitter            1981 Winter
HX-20     Mobile Amateur Transmitter     1964 Main
HX-30     6 Meter SSB Transmitter        1964 Main
IA-1      Ignition Analyzer              1958 March
IA-1A     Ignition Analyzer              1959 June
IB-102    Scaler                         1975 Main
IB-1100   Counter                        1975 Main
IB-1101   Counter                        1975 Main
IB-1102   Counter                        1975 Main
IB-1103   Counter                        1975 Main
IB-2      Impedance Meter                1957 Main
IB-28     Impedance Bridge               1975 Main
IB-2A     Impedance Bridge               1964 Main
IB-5281   RLC Bridge                     1989 Christmas
IC-1001   Logic Analyzer                 1989 Christmas
IC-2006   Pocket Calculator              1975 Main
IC-2009   Calculator                     1975 Main
IC-2108   Low Profile Calculator         1975 Main
IC-2109   Rechargable Portable Calculator1974 January
IC-4802   Oscilloscope converter         1989 Christmas
ID-101    Switch                         1975 Main
ID-11     Timing Light                   1964 Main
ID-1246A  Portable Light                 1983 Christmas
ID-1290   Budget Priced Weather Station  1981 Winter
ID-1390   Digital Electronic Thermometer 1975 Main
ID-1390B  Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer     1983 Christmas
ID-1490   Clock/Thermometer
ID-1590   Wind Speed/direction Indicator 1983 Christmas
ID-1790   Automatic Rain Gauge           1981 Winter
ID-1795   Rain Gauge                     1989 Christmas
ID-1890   Digital Wind Computer          1981 Winter
ID-1990   Computerized Barometer         1981 Winter
ID-2090   Barometric Pressure recorder   1983 Christmas
ID-22     Electronic Switch              1964 Main
ID-225    Relative Humidity Monitor      1991 Winter
ID-2295   Air Moisture Gauge             1989 Christmas
ID-29     Auto Test Instrument           1974 January
ID-4001   Digital Weather Computer       1981 Winter
ID-4101   Dual Trace Switch              1981 Winter
ID-4803   EPROM Eraser                   1989 Christmas
ID-4804   Byte Probe                     1989 Christmas
ID-4850   Scope upgrade                  1989 Christmas
ID-501C   Weather Computer               1991 Winter
ID-5252   Audio Load
IDS-4801  EPROM Programmer               1989 Christmas
IDW-5001  Advanced Weather System        1991 Winter
IG-102    RF Generator                   1975 Main
IG-112    Stereo Generator               1964 Main
IG-1271   1HZ 1 MHZ Function Generator   1981 Winter
IG-1275   Lin/Log Swept Function Generato1981 Winter
IG-18     Sine-Square Generator          1975 Main
IG-28     Pattern Generator              1975 Main
IG-37     Stereo Alignment Generator     1975 Main
IG-42     RF Generator                   1975 Main
IG-4244   Oscilloscope Calibrator        1983 Christmas
IG-4505   Oscilloscope Calibrator        1983 Christmas
IG-52     Sweep  Gen                     1964 Main
IG-5218   Sine/Square Wave Generator     1989 Christmas
IG-5228   Color Bar and Dot Generator    1981 Winter
IG-5240   Color Alignment Generator      1981 Winter
IG-5257   Post Marker Sweep Generator    1981 Winter
IG-5260   Video Alignment Generator      1991 Winter
IG-5280   Audio Oscillator               1981 Winter
IG-5281   RCL Bridge                     1981 Winter
IG-5282   Sine/Square Signal Generator   1981 Winter
IG-5282   Audio Generator                1989 Christmas
IG-62     Color Dot and Bar Generator    1964 Main
IG-72     Audio Generator                1975 Main
IG-82     Sine-Square wave generator     1964 Main
IGH-5240  Color Generator                1983 Christmas
IM-1      Intermodulation Analyzer       1951 Main
IM-10     large size VTVM                1961 Main
IM-1004   Solid State Fet VOM            1981 Winter
IM-102    DVM                            1975 Main
IM-103    Line Voltage Monitor           1975 Main
IM-104    VOM                            1975 Main
IM-105    VOM                            1981 Winter
IM-11     VTVM                           1964 Main
IM-1104   VOM                            1979  Spring
IM-12     AF Distortion Meter            1964 Main
IM-1202   DVM                            1975 Main
IM-1210   Low Cost Multimeter            1981 Winter
IM-13     VTVM                           1964 Main
IM-16     VOM                            1975 Main
IM-17     Portable VOM                   1975 Main
IM-18     VTVM                           1975 Main
IM-18A    Solid State Tach               1975 Main
IM-20     Handy Lab (Multi-tester)       1961 Main
IM-21     AC VTVM                        1968 Main
IM-22     Audio Analyzer                 1964 Main
IM-2202   26-Range Multimeter            1981 Winter
IM-2203   Line Monitor                   1989 Christmas
IM-2212   Auto-Ranging Multimeter        1981 Winter
IM-2215   Digital Hand Held Multimeter   1981 Winter
IM-2260   Bench top DMM                  1989 Christmas
IM-2264   Multimeter                     1983 Christmas
IM-2311   DMM                            1991 Winter
IM-2320   DMM                            1989 Christmas
IM-2400   Hand Held Frequency Counter    1981 Winter
IM-2410   Low Cost 225MHz Counter        1989 Christmas
IM-2420   512 MHz Counter                1989 Christmas
IM-25     Volt Ohm Meter                 1968 Main
IM-289    VTVM                           1975 Main
IM-30     Transistor Tester              1964 Main
IM-36     Transistor Tester              1968 Main
IM-38     Lab VTVM                       1975 Main
IM-4100   Frequency Counter
IM-4180   FM Deviation Meter             1981 Winter
IM-4190   Bi-Direction Wattmeter         1981 Winter
IM-48     Audio Analyzer                 1975 Main
IM-5158   Analyzer OP Amps Distortion    1983 Christmas
IM-5217   Portable VOM                   1981 Winter
IM-5218   Low Cost VTVM                  1981 Winter
IM-5225   AC/DC Multimeter               1981 Winter
IM-5228   VTVM
IM-5238   AC Voltmeter
IM-5258   Distortion Analyzer            1981 Winter
IM-5284   Multimeter                     1981 Winter
IM-58     Harmonic Distortion Meter      1975 Main
IN-11     Decade Resistance Box          1964 Main
IN-12     Resistance Sub Box             1964 Main
IN-17     Decade Resistance Box          1975 Main
IN-21     Decade Condenser Box           1964 Main
In-22     Condenser Sub Box              1964 Main
IN-3117   Decade Resistance Box          1991 Winter
IN-3127   Decade Capacitance Box         1981 Winter
IN-3137   Resistance Substitution Box    1981 Winter
IN-37     Resistor Substitution Box      1975 Main
IN-47     Capacitor Substitution Box     1975 Main
IO-10     Space Saver Oscilloscope       1961 Main
IO-101    Vector scope                   1975 Main
IO-102    Oscilloscope                   1975 Main
IO-103    Oscilloscope                   1975 Main
IO-104    Oscilloscope                   1975 Main
IO-105    Oscilloscope                   1975 Main
IO-1154   Aircraft Clock, Timer          1981 Winter
IO-12     Oscilloscope                   1964 Main
IO-1401   Vector scope
IO-20     Ignition Analyzer              1961 Main
IO-21     Oscilloscope                   1964 Main
IO-30     5" Oscilloscope                1961 Main
IO-3200   Oscilloscope                   1983 Christmas
IO-4105   Oscilloscope                   1981 Winter
IO-4205   Oscilloscope                   1981 Winter
IO-4210   Oscilloscope                   1989 Christmas
IO-4225   Oscilloscope                   1989 Christmas
IO-4235   Oscilloscope                   1981 Winter
IO-4550   Dual Trace Oscilloscope        1981 Winter
IOA-4510  Oscilloscope Calibrator        1981 Winter
IP-10     Isolation Transformer          1961 Main
IP-12     Battery Eliminator             1964 Main
IP-18     1-15 Volt Supply               1975 Main
IP-20     Power Supply                   1964 Main
IP-27     Low Voltage supply             1975Main
IP-2710   General Purpose Power Supply   1981 Winter
IP-2711   General Purpose Power Supply   1981 Winter
IP-2715   Heavy Duty Battery Eliminator  1981 Winter
IP-2717   Power Supply                   1989 Christmas
IP-2717A  Regulated Power Supply         1991 Winter
IP-2718   Triple Output Power Supply     1991 Winter
IP-2728   DC-Power Supply                1983 Christmas
IP-2760   Battery Eliminator             1975 Main
IP-28     Low voltage Supply             1975 Main
IP-32     Power Supply                   1964 Main
IP-5220   Variable AC Supply             1981 Winter
IP-5280-1 Power Supply for 5280 series   1981 Winter
IPA-5280  DC Power Supply                1989 Christmas
IPA-5280-1Power Supply
IR-18M    Chart Recorder                 1975 Main
IR-5204   Chart Strip Recorder           1983 Christmas
IT-1      Isolation Transformer          1951 Main
IT-10     Transistor and diode tester    1961 Main
IT-11     Condenser checker              1961 Main
IT-1121   Curve Tracer                   1975 Main
IT-12     Visual Signal Tracer           1964 Main
IT-121    FET Transistor Tester          1975 Main
IT-17     Tube Checker                   1975 Main
IT-18     Transistor Tester              1975 Main
IT-21     Tube Checker                   1964 Main
IT-22     Cap Checker                    1964 Main
IT-2232   Conponet Tracer                1989 Christmas
IT-2240   Digital LC Bridge              1989 Christmas
IT-2250   Cap Checker                    1989 Christmas
IT-27     Diode Checker                  1968 Main
IT-28     Capacitor Checker              1975 Main
IT-3117   Tube Checker                   1981 Winter
IT-3120   FET/Transistor Tester          1983 Christmas
IT-3121   Curve Tracer                   1981 Winter
IT-3127   Portable Transistor/Diode Teste1981 Winter
IT-5230   TV Picture Tube Rejuvenator    1981 Winter
IT-5235   Yoke/Flyback Tester            1981 Winter
IT-5283   Signal Tracer                  1981 Winter
IT-7410   Logic Probe                    1989 Christmas
JK-1033   Electronic Workshop            1974 January
JK-17     Portable Record Player         1968 Main
JK-27     Electronic Workshop 19         1968 Main
JK-37     Guitar Amp                     1968 Main
KN-51     Keyless Entry                  1991 Winter
KS-1      Kilowatt Power Supply          1959 June
LG-1      Laboratory Generator           1957 Main
LP-2      Pattern Generator              1957 Main
M-1       HandiTester                    1951 Main
MC-1      Marine Converter Kit           1958 March
MC-460    Mini Command Center            1991 Winter
MD-14     Marine Electrical Ground       1964 Main
MD-19A    Foghorn/Hailer                 1975 Main
MD-24     Hailer                         1968 Main
MDP-11    Boat Speedometer               1961 Christmas
MDP-113   Deck Hailer                    1964 Main
MDP-21    Boat Dash Compass              1961 Christmas
MDP-23    Refridgerator                  1964 March
MDP-31    Marine Compass                 1961 Christmas
MDP-41    Marine Clock                   1961 Christmas
MDP-51    Marine Barometer               1961 Christmas
MDP-61    Search Lantern                 1961 Christmas
MF-1      Pick-up Cartridge              1958 June
MI-10     Marine Depth sounder           1961 Main
MI-101    Digital Depth Sounder          1975 Main
MI-1030   Depth Sounder                  1975 Main
MI-1031   Depth Sounder                  1981 Winter
MI-104    Thermo Spotter                 1975 Main
MI-11     Depth Sounder                  1964 Main
MI-14     Rudder Position Indicator      1964 Main
MI-18-1   Tachometer                     1974 January
MI-2020   Video Sonar                    1989C hristmas
MI-25     Fuel Vapor Detector            1975 Main
MI-2900   Fish Spotter                   1975 Main
MI-2901   Fish Spotter                   1981 Winter
MI-2910   Chart Recording Depth sounding 1981 Winter
MI-2917   Digital Depth Sounder Read Out 1981 Winter
MI-2958   Marine Speedometer             1983 Christmas
MI-3000   Portable Loran                 1989 Christmas
MI-31A    Marine Tach                    1964 Main
MI-41     Fuel Vapor Indicator           1964 Main
MIA-2020  Loran                          1989 Christmas
MK-4      Stereo Conversion Kit          1959 June
MK-5      Quad Conversion Kit            1959 June
MM-1      VOM                            1964 Main
MMW-11    Marine Telephone               1961 Main
MMW-13    25 Watt Marine Radiotelephone  1964 March
MMW-15    150 Watt Marine Telephone      1968 Main
MMW-23    Marine Charger                 1964 March
MP-1      Mobile Supply, MT-1 and MR-1   1959 Main
MP-10     12VDC to 110VAC                1981 Winter
MR-1      Comanche Mobile Amateur receive1961 Main
MR-1010   Radio direction Finder         1981 Winter
MR-11     3 Band Mariner DF Receiver     1961 Main
MR-21     Marine Direction Finder        1964 March
MR-21A    DF Marine  Radio               1964 Main
MT-1      Cheyenne Mobile Transmitter    1961 Main
MT-522    Timer Command Center           1991 Winter
MW-33     Marine CB                      1964 March
MW-34     CB                             1964 Main
MWA-15-1  Radiotelephone                 1968 Main
MWW-11    Marine Telephone               1961 Main
MWW-13A   Marine Radio Telephone         1964 Main
MWW-14A   Radiotelephone                 1968 Main
MWW-23    Marine Radio Telephone         1964 Main
NE-1210   Thermostat                     1983 Christmas
NE-2112   Heat Sniffer                   1983 Christmas
NEA-1662  Watt Wizard                    1983 Christmas
NS-100    Solor System                   1983 Christmas
NS-1100   Solor System                   1982 Fall
O-11      5" Oscilloscope                1958 Main
O-12      Oscilloscope                   1958 March
O-8       Oscilloscope                   1951 Main
OC-1401   Air Navigation Computer        1981 Winter
OC-1404   Navigation Computer            1979 Spring
OI-1154   Aircraft Clock/Timer           1979 Spring
OL-1155   Strobe Light Emergency Vehicle 1979 Spring
OL-1155   Strobe light, Beacon           1981 Winter
OM-2      Oscilloscope                   1957 Main
OM-3      Oscilloscope                   1958 March
OP-1      Professional Oscilloscope      1958 June
OR-1      5" DC oscilloscope             1961 Main
PC-1      Power Converter                1959 Main
PC-11     Multi-Function Calculator      1981 Winter
PCC-200   Remote Control                 1989 Christmas
PK-3      Etched Probe                   1975 Main
PKW-200   Test Lead Set                  1981 Winter
PM-1      RF Power Meter                 1958 March
PM-14     Darkroom Computer              1964 Main
PM-2      Power Meter                    1975 Main
PM-5900   Power mind Remote Control      1991 Winter
PR-3500   Sound Pest Repelled            1992 August
PS-1144   Power Supply of SB-104         1981 Winter
PS-1175   Power Supply 2 meter Transceive1981 Winter
PS-2      Lab Power Supply               1951 Main
PS-23     Power Supply for HW-101        1981 Winter
PS-3      Power Supply                   1957 Main
PS-4      Variable, Regulated Power Suppl1961 Main
PT-1      Deluxe AM_FM Tuner             1958 March
PT-15     Darkroom Timer                 1975 Main
PT-1500   Darkroom Timer                 1983 Christmas
QF-1      Q-Multiplier                   1957 Main
QM-1      Q-Meter                        1964 Main
RA-6000   Auto Protection System         1991 Winter
RC-1      Radiation Counter              1957 Main
RC-101    R/C Car                        1989 Christmas
RC-102    R/C Car                        1989 Christmas
RC-301    R/C Boat                       1989 Christmas
RC-401    R/C Plane                      1989 Christmas
RC-404    R/C Plane                      1989 Christmas
RCC-402   R/C Plane                      1989 Christmas
RF-1      Signal Generator               1961 Main
RL-1      Rudder Position Indicator      1958 March
RM-150    Auto Watering Zone Switcher    1991 Winter
RM-3000   Automatic Water Controller     1991 Winter
RM-4      Radiation Monitor              1991 Winter
RP-1      Record Player                  1951 Main
RP-1065   Railroad Power supply Throttle 1981 Winter
RP-3      Record Changer                 1958 June
RS-1      Resistance Substitution Box    1951 Main
RX-1      Mohawk Amateur Receiver        1958 June
S-2       Electronic Switch              1951 Main
S-3       Electronic Switch              1958 March
S-3       Electronic Switch              1961 Main
S-530     Sound Sensor Switch            1992 August
SA-1480   Remote Coax Switch             1981 Winter
SA-2010   Keyer                          1991 Winter
SA-2040   Antenna Tuner                  1981 Winter
SA-2060A  Antenna Matcher                1989 Christmas
SA-2550   Remote Antenna Matcher         1989 Christmas
SA-3      Mono Amplifier                 1961 Main
SA-5010   u-Matic Keyer                  1983 Christmas
SA-7010   Beam                           1981 Winter
SB-10     Sideband Adapter               1961 Main
SB-1000   Linear Amp                     1991 inter
SB-101    Amateur Transceiver            1968 Main
SB-102    Amateur Transceiver            1975 Main
SB-104    Amateur Transceiver            1976 Summer
SB-104A   Ant Tuner                      1983 Christmas
SB-110A   SSB 6 Meter Transceiver        1968 Main
SB-200    Power AMP                      1975 Main
SB-201    Linear Amp                     1981 Winter
SB-220    Power Amp                      1975 Main
SB-221    Linear Amp                     1981 Winter
SB-230    Power Amp                      1976 Summer
SB-300    Amateur Receiver               1964 March
SB-301    Amateur Receiver               1968 March
SB-303    Amateur Receiver               1975 Main
SB-310    Shortwave Receiver             1968 Main
SB-313    General Coverage SWL Receiver  1975 Main
SB-400    Amateur Transmitter            1964 March
SB-401    Amateur Transmitter            1968 Main
SB-600    Speaker                        1975 Main
SB-604    Speaker for the SB-104         1981 Winter
SB-610    Signal Monitor                 1975 Main
SB-614    Station Monitor for SB-104     1981 Winter
SB-620    Spectrum Analyzer              1975 Main
SB-630    Station Console                1968 Main
SB-634    Station Console for the SB-104 1981 Winter
SB-640    LMO                            1968 Main
SB-644A   Remote VFO for SB-104          1981 Winter
SB-650    Digital Display                1975 Main
SBS-1400  All Mode Transceiver           1991 Winter
SD-4850   Memory Scope                   1991 Winter
SD-6000   Barking Dog                    1992 August
SD-6230   Security Monitor               1991 Winter
SE-2033Y  TV                             1989 Christmas
SG-1271   Function Generator             1983 Christmas
SG-1274   2 MHz Pulse Generator          1989 Christmas
SG-7      Signal Generator               1951 Main
SG-8      Signal Generator               1957 Main
SK-10     Broadcaster                    1961 Christmas
SK-101    DC Power Supply                1991 Winter
SK-102    Code Oscillator                1991 Winter
SK-103    Varible Speed Motor Control    1989 Christmas
SK-104    1 Watt Amp                     1989 Christmas
SK-104H   Audio Amp                      1991 Winter
SK-105H   Fish Caller                    1991 Winter
SK-106    Wireless Mike                  1992 August
SK-106H   FM Wireless Mic                1991 Winter
SK-107    Stereo Synthesizer             1991 Winter
SK-108    Intercom                       1991 Winter
SK-109    Sound Flasher                  1989 Christmas
SK-110    Speakerphone                   1991 Winter
SK-111    Sound Activated Switch         1991 Winter
SK-113    Cricket                        1991 Winter
SK-114    Metronome                      1991 Winter
SK-115    Burglar Alarm                  1991 Winter
SK-116    Motion Sensor                  1991 Winter
SK-117    Wings                          1991 Winter
SK-120    Film Speaker                   1991 Winter
SK-20     Intercom Kit                   1961 Christmas
SK-30     Electronic Workshop 6          1961 Christmas
SK-40     Electronic Workshop 11         1961 Christmas
SK-50     Electronic Workshop 19         1961 Christmas
SK-60     Transistor Radio Kit           1961 Christmas
SK-70     Crystal Radio Kit              1961 Christmas
SK-99     Stereo Synthesizer             1989 Christmas
SL-1607   Motion Sensing Wall Switch     1991 Winter
SL-4120   Motion Sensing Porch Light Blac1992 August
SL-4122   Motion Sensing Porch Light Bras1992 August
SL-4124   Motion Sensing Porch Light Bras1992 August
SL-4126   Motion Sensing Porch Light Whit1992 August
SL-4130   Brass Porch Light              1992 August
SL-4132   Antique Brass Porch Light      1992 August
Sl-4134   White Porch Light              1992 August
SL-5210   Motion Control Wired Adapter   1991 Winter
SL-5211   Motion Control Screw-in Apapter1991 Winter
SL-5313   Motion Sensing Quartz Light    1992 August
SL-5315A  Motion Sensor Light Control    1991 Winter
SL-5321   Sensor Chime                   1991 Winter
SL-6102   Reflex Auto Off Switch         1992 August
SL-6105   Reflex Wall Switch             1992 August
SL-6107   Motion Sensing Wall Switch     1992 August
SL-6120   Motion Sensing Security Switch 1991 Winter
SL-6133   3 Way Add-on Switch            1992 August
SL-6136   Wireless Switch                1992 August
SL-6153   Wireless Doorbell              1992 August
SM-128A   Frequency Counter              1974 January
SM-2208   Clamp on Ammeter               1989 Christmas
SM-2255   LCR Meter                      1989 Christmas
SM-2300   DMM                            1991 Winter
SM-2310   Pocket Size Multimeter         1989 Christmas
SM-2311   DMM                            1989 Christmas
SM-2326   Digital Thermometer            1989 Christmas
SM-2360   DMM                            1989 Christmas
SM-2370   Digital Leveler                1989 Christmas
SM-2372   DMM                            1991 Winter
SM-2374   Clamp On Ammeter               1989 Christmas
SM-2376   Clamp On Insulation Tester     1989 Christmas
SM-2380   DMM                            1991 Winter
SM-2440   1300 MHz Counter               1989 Christmas
SM-77     DMM                            1989 Christmas
SMD-1     Light meter                    1989 Christmas
SMK-190   Smoke Detector                 1992 August
SO-4226   Oscilloscope                   1989 Christmas
SO-4251   Oscilloscope                   1989 Christmas
SO-4552   Oscilloscope                   1989 Christmas
SO-4554   Oscilloscope                   1991 Winter
SP-1      Mono-Stereo Smp                1958 March
SP-1218   Tri-output Power Supply        1981 Winter
SP-2      Mono-Stereo Preamp             1958 June
SP-2717   0-400VDC supply                1981 Winter
SP-2762   0-30 Volt Power Supply         1991 Winter
SP-2A     Deluxe Stereo Preamp           1961 Main
SP-99     Speaker for HW-99              1989 Christmas
SQ-1      Square Wave Generator          1951 Main
SR-255B   Strip Chart Recorder           1974 January
SR-8300   Satellite System               1986 Christmas
SS-1      Speaker                        1957 Main
SS-1B     Speaker                        1958 March
SS-2      HiFi Speaker                   1961 Main
SS-6100   Wireless Security System       1991 Winter
SS-9000   Amateur Transceiver            1983 Christmas
ST-100    Tool Set                       1991 Winter
ST-7420   TTL/CMOS Logic                 1989 Christmas
SW-1      Tape Speed Rewinder            1958 March
SW-717    General Coverage Receiver      1981 Winter
SW-7800   General Coverage SW Receiver   1989 Christmas
SWZ-1000  Multiband Portable Radio       1981 Winter
SWZ-7000  Trans-Oceanic                  1981  Christmas
T-3       Signal Tracer                  1951 Main
T-4       Visual-Aural Signal Tracer     1958 June
TA-16     Guitar Amp                     1975 Main
TA-17     Amp Speaker                    1975 Main
TA-17-1   Speaker System                 1968 Main
TA-27     Guitar Amp                     1968 Main
TA-28     Distortion Booster             1975 Main
TAS-17-2  Amp and Speaker System         1968 Main
TC-1      Tube Checker                   1951 Main
TC-1000   Telebell Doorman               1992 August
TC-2      Tube Checker                   1957 Main
TC-2P     Portable Tube Checker          1957 Main
TC-3      Tube Checker                   1959 Main
TD-1006   Musical Light Show             1981 Winter
TD-1089   Programmable Door Bell         1983 Christmas
TD-1257   Electronic Metronome           1981 Winter
TD-17     Metronome                      1975 Main
TD-2089   3 Tune Door Bell               1983 Christmas
TDP-18    Banshee Horn Speaker           1968 Main
TE-1      Tape Recorder Electronics Kit  1958 August
TE-200    Stereo Phones                  1989 Christmas
TE-400    Stereo Phones                  1989 Christmas
TG-26     Guitar                         1968 Main
TG-36     Guitar                         1968 Main
TG-46     Guitar                         1968 Main
TK-1      Tool Kit                       1961 Main
TL-400    Telescope                      1986 Christmas
TM-1626   Mike Mixer
TO-1      Test Oscillator                1959 June
TO-1160   Organ                          1975 Main
TO-1260   Organ                          1975 Main
TO-2130   Heat/Thomas Organ              1981 Winter
TO-67     Electronic Organ               1968 Main
TO-68     Vox Jaguar Keyboard            1968 Main
TR-1A     Tape Deck                      1958 June
TR-1AQ    4 Track Stereo Recorder        1961 Main
TR-1C     Tape Deck                      1958 March
TR-1D     Tape Deck                      1958  June
TR-1E     Stereo recorder and Playback   1961 Main
TR-551    Telephone Responder            1991 Winter
TS-4A     Alignment Generator            1957 Main
TT-1      Tube Tester                    1961 Main
TT-100    Pet Motion Alert               1992 August
TT-1A     Tube Checker                   1964 Main
TX-1      Apache Amateur Transmitter     1958 June
UA-1      Utility Amp Stereo             1958 March
UA-2      14 Watt Mono Amplifier         1961 Main
UM-506    Universal Control Interface    1991 Winter
URC-5000  House Controller               1991 Winter
US-2      Dual Cone Speaker              1991 Main
US-3      Coaxial Speaker                1961 Main
US-4      Dual Cone Speaker              1961 Main
V-6       Voltmeter                      1951 Main
V-617     Photo Converter                1991 Winter
V-7A      VTVM                           1961 Main
VC-1000   Video Receiver                 1991 Winter
VC-2      Voltage Calibrator Box         1951 Main
VC-2000   Video Caster                   1991 Winter
VC-3      Voltage Calibrator             1961 Main
VF-1      VFO                            1957 Main
VF-2031   2 Meter Handheld               1981 Winter
VF-7401   2 Meter Transceiver            1981 Winter
VFA-7401-1Power Supply for the VF-7401   1981  Winter
VHF-1     Senica 6 and 2 Meter Transmitte1964 Main
VL-2280   2 Meter Amp                    1983 Christmas
VM-6180   Camcorder                      1989 Christmas
VMS-7050  Camcorder                      1989 Christmas
VP-1      Vibrator Power Supply          1958 March
VP-1-12   Vibrator power Supply 12v      1957 Main
VP-1-6    Vibrator Power Supply 6 V      1957 Main
VRE-200   VCR                            1989 Christmas
VRF-160   VCR                            1989 Christmas
VT-1      Vibrator Tester                1951 Main
VX-1      Voice Control Unit             1958 March
W-3       Amp and Preamp                 1957 Main
W-3AM     Dual Chassis 20 Watt Amp       1958 March
W-3M      HI FI Amp                      1957 Main
W-4A      Amp and Pre Amp                1957 Main
W-4AM     HI FI Amp                      1957 Main
W-4B      20 Watt mono Amp               1961 Main
W-5       Amp and Preamp                 1957 Main
W-5AM     25 Watt amp                    1957 March
W-5M      Hi Fi Amp                      1957 Main
W-6M      70 Watt Amp                    1958 March
W-7       55 Watt Mono amp               1961 Main
W-7A      55 Watt Mono Amp               1961 Main
W-7M      HI FI Amp                      1958 March
W7-M      55 Watt Amp                    1958 June
WA-P1     Amplifier                      1951 Main
WA-P2     Preamplifier                   1957 Main
WH-21     Water Heater Timer             1992 August
WH-24     Printer                        1981 Winter
WH-34     Printer                        1981 Winter
WH-44K    Word Processor                 1981 Winter
WH-54     Printer                        1981 Winter
XI-1      Intercom Station               1961 Main
XO-1      Cross-over                     1957 Main
XR-1L     Transistor Radio               1958 March
XR-1P     Portable Radio                 1958 August
XR-2      6 Transistor Portable Radio    1961 Main
XR-2L     Radio                          1964 Main