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GC-1107  Digital Alarm lock.  
XR-2P & XR-2L combo year 1959
Price $14.95
SOLD GD-1185  TV Programmer New Unused
Price $17.95
GDA-1158-6 PLL Transmitter New Unused
Price $7.95
GRA-601 TV Clock Accessory New Unused
Price $4.95
GD-1018 Light Dimmer
Price $3.00
GD-1024 Telephone Amplifier
Price $4.95
GD-1568 Ultrasonic Auto Alarm
Price $8.95
GD-3511 Security Lighting Control
Price $4.95
GD-3810 Security Sentinel
Price $12.95
GD-1162 Tele Amp with Dialer
Price $12.95
GD-1184 Automatic Antenna Rotor new unused
GD-28 8 Track Tape Player
Price $3.95
GD-48 Metal Locator
GR-48 AM/FM Radio
Price $9.95
AS-1363 3way Speaker new cover stamped shop copy
GR-104A 12" B/W T.V. New cover stamped shop copy
Price $15.95