She's a Lean, Mean, Thinking Machine
We Proudly Present our Smartest Bunny
She's a Beautiful, Brilliant, Bunny
*I asked her if i could have her phone number
What did she say
She converted it to a second order differential equation and said if i can solve it to give her a call
Wow that bunny has class.
* Imagine if you asked her for her email address
I did, Yale university is still working on the answer
Wow that bunny has class
* When i told her she was good at figures. She loosened her belt and said thank you.???
Wow that bunny has class
* I told her she can play with my slide rule anytime
She said " sure as long as it is the 10 to 12 inch model "
Wow that bunny has class
  *I asked her what time it was. She told me how to build a watch ???
  Wow that bunny has class