This Page is in Honor of all Those Who Donated in some way to this Site
please help keep this site alive.
Mr. Seitz   500 + Pictures   Many Schematics
Paul W8AEF SB230 Manual   Donated
Dave Platt AE6EO Radio Ant Book   Donated
J. Meyers     $10.00  
F. Harris KØIYE Crystal Book   Donated
John Atwood   Donated Books   Thank you
P. Millett   Donated Books
Paul C. W1VLF Cash Donation $15.00 Plus many ideas
A. Crotinger   buy all heath cd's $25.00  
J. Wheeler W7EFZ   $18.00  
Alex R   Manuals high quality   website link
Carl WA1PQT   $18.00  
D. Sanders   Brought Parts $63.00  
D.B.Dillenbeck   MANY Paper Manuals about 35 Biggest donation thanks
J. Ainslie     $28.00  
J. McQuagge     $20.00  
John Hernandes   Donated manual   CO-2600
Bill Hodages     $20.00  
Paul Nielsen     $20.00  
Daniel Mercado   cd-roms $35.00  
Alex Williamson     $20.00  
Kevin Wells     $20.00  
Joe Dooley     $24.00  
Anthony Gazzillo JR   Cash Donation $20.00 Thank you
R. Pollack   Scans & Pictures   Thank you
R. Pestinger   4 Old Manual Scans They were enhanced by us Thank you
G. Harman Jr   IO-4550 Illustration book Thank you
J. Mellerson   ID-4850 Users manual Thank you
Rick Jordan W3KQ 4802 programs   Thank you
Tom Chesek K3TVC Cash Donation $20.00  
R. Carlson   FB-14 Manual pdf    
Robert Goth   Johnson pdf catalog They were enhanced by us Thank you