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Below is a list of specially selected links includes heathkit links
One of the best  is WWW.AADE.COM  Almost All Digital Electronics inc. it has everything, I recommend spending a few minutes checking out it's many pages.
RF Cafe one of the worlds largest sites for electronics. here is link
Here is a kit company, best thing is on each kit just click the word "project" and complete details on building the kit comes up. including diagram, pc board, parts, theory and how it works and how to use it. here is link.
Amateur radio, anything you need to look up on amateur radio can be found on this site. a wealth of information here is link
Vintage radio parts. a lot of high voltage transformers plus tons more. here is link
Ham radio kits like heathkit from Elecraft but modern and more advanced here is link
The SB-1000 was made for heathkit by this company. they still repair the SB-1000 here is link
Design Information, News, Useful Tips and Design Examples here is link
Best site for information on antennas all kinds plus building them. here is link
This site contains a lot of home made radio projects here is link
Good RF linear stuff including heathkit SB-1000 here is link
Excellent site for VLF radio includes radio kit instructions here is link
Plenty of International Rectifier applications notes here is link plenty of things to build
Great site for buying robot parts, kits, they have everything from wheels to cameras. here is link
Here is a good one if you want to land the space shuttle or dock with station or land on moon/mars. the kind of simulator used by NASA  to train astronauts. FREE to download. from launch to landing.  here is link
United States Government list of downloadable manuals here is link WARNING site contains links to classified documents
Heathkit SB-100 SB-101 and SB-102 replacement parts here is link