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Metrology for the Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Nanowires

A Flexible Solution-Processed Memristor
The Origins of Random Telegraph Noise in Highly Scaled SiON nMOSFETs. Insights into the characterization of polymer-based organic thin-film transistors using capacitance-voltage analysis
Contact-induced crystallinity for high-performance soluble acene-based transistors and circuits Controlled formation and resistivity scaling of nickel silicide nanolines
Negative-bias temperature instability induced electron trapping


Semiconducting iron disilicide  −FeSi2 is uniqueamong the transition metal
Electromagnetic Propagation and Reception #2 Antenna Engineering Basics

Electromagnetic Propagation and Reception #3

Picture Password: A Visual Login Technique for Mobile Devices


The Integration of Molecular Electronic Devices withTraditional CMOS Technologies