For a list of projects WITH pc board layout click here
Motorola Mobitex  download also download decode police broadcast on apco scanners
  Decode aircraft transmissions.  
Listen to military and civilian aircraft using your pc computer. This is not voice you will learn how to receive and decode digital transmissions from aircraft using your scanner and sound card. All planes constantly transmit their location and other data such as aircraft type, flight number and pilots sometimes send digital messages. No electronic circuits need to be built software handles everything from the speaker output of your scanner. you can if you want to, build a simple isolation circuit between scanner and pc, although this is not really necessary. details are given  anyway. For complete details, plans and software click here.
DSP-10 Project
The DSP-10 is an amateur-radio, software-defined 2-meter transceiver that can be built at home. It operates on SSB, FM and CW modes. Features are tailored to operation with weak signals on VHF, UHF and Microwave frequencies. click here
Build A logic analyzer using the PC's parallel port
A logic analyzer is useful in electronic development and debugging, especially where fast logic circuits are involved with lots of signals whose relations have to be verified or examined.
A logic analyzer is a like a recorder for digital signals. During a certain (small) period of time, the state of a few digital lines can be recorded to a file. An event can be specified to signal the start of the recording, i.e. line 1 toggling from 0 to 1.
This recording can be viewed afterwards, allowing for zooming and scrolling in the time domain.
In this page a homebuilt logic analyzer is presented. click here
Audio power amplifier includes pc board routing layout etc.
Nice project to build. the pc board is shown with the parts and resistors with colored bands like real board.
click here
A lot of ham radio projects
transmitters, receivers, amp, meters etc etc. includes pc boars artwork for making each project. real good site.
A few transmitter projects
site has 6 projects you can build, includes pc board patterns. 144mhz transmitter and 3.5mhz transmitter. also 3 other projects. click here
TV Transmitter
Complete plans for a tv transmitter. will transmit audio & video for about 300 ft. includes pc board layout theory, parts list etc. download
Noise generator project
Noise generator project. hf for filter alignment. includes pc board pattern. download
Build a car range finer for dashboard
This device uses a LED bar to tell you how close you are to object behind the car. uses 40khz ultrasonic includes schematic and other info. click here
Variable output / current limited regulator 
use's LM324 out up to 2 amp current set limit  here is link
Learn how to get live pictures from NOAA weather satellites 
Full Details on how to do it with scanner and computer or receiver and computer here is link