DAstoop Archived Pictures of Ridgewood
Note: all streets in Ridgewood are named after a tree.
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St Brigit's 2006

PS81 Queens


Forrest ave 2005


Palmetto & Cypress


1st stop M train 1906 opening day

Same M 2006 now closed

Metropolitan  ave car place


704 Seneca ave

Myrtle & Wyckoff 2006

Brewery on cypress ave when it was first built about 1890


same brewer after it was expanded in later years. it was finally demolished in 1959

1 Block past fresh pond rd leads to abandoned metro station and train yards

Myrtle & Wyckoff 2006


not sure

not sure

Elevated train being built on Palmetto st 1914


This was original the Grandview movie theater at 1663 Grandview ave. the oldest in Ridgewood. the parking lot was outdoor movie in summer and indoor in winter..

Myrtle & Wyckoff 100 year old stand. still there today. year 1949

Palmetto looking towards west. red dot is Tom (JP) Morgan's home. year 1938


ST Johns church on linden st & Seneca ave 101 anniversary 2004

Trolley that ran under ele looking towards Seneca ave year ?

Out door wooden train on myrtle ave extension. many of the windows were replaced with bars down to floor in summer. made in 1906 used into late 1960's


Palmetto & Cypress 1913 notice concrete stoops only ones in Ridgewood i think.

Same corner year 1914


Palmetto st & Seneca ave year 194x