Turn your computer in a electronic engineering laboratory for free
All software on this page is freeware no shareware or demos. Tested under win/98/me/xp. and works perfect.
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Simple but good, dual trace. Real audio oscilloscope, use's your sound card as input.   90k zip download T-251 Another oscilloscope, Fancy looking knobs that you spin with your mouse. use's your sound card as input. You must set it right or you get a error box. Small 151 kb on cdrom only T-S151
Dual channel scope, vertical and time base auto range,  cursor and auto freq readout, dB/V readout, peak and slope trig controls, data logging of level readouts over 24 hrs, save to disk. Requires full duplex soundcard on cdrom only   T-2CH Use your computer as a Audio frequency counter and AC voltmeter with rms, data logging, period measurement. Requires full duplex soundcard (SB16 or newer) win/98/me/xp 2 meg on cd-rom onlyT-AFC
PC soundcard (requires 2 per pc) based oscilloscope to monitor Left/Right channels of two soundcards simultaneously. Has frequency counters and AC voltmeters for all 4 channels displayed simultaneously. Auto ranging of levels and timebases independent on all 4 channels or manually adjustable. on cdrom only T-4CH
Up to 24 bit 96K sine wave generation stereo L / R / L+R / L-R. 10-48 kHz with Burst Sine, Square, Triangle, Noise, Sweeps from 1 to 20000 Hz, Saw tooth, Pulse trains, Sine plus Noise, DTMF tones, warble sweeps. 3 meg  Download T-AO
Lab grade Audio Spectrum Analyzer. Uses sound card.16K fft linear or log freq plot, ave/peak response, Blackman window, range/reference options, THD, top 10 harmonics readout, pass/fail testing of target harmonics, persistent reference plot, download SA3000
PC based test system that does automated frequency response, separation, thd vs frequency, frequency counter, spectrum analysis. Tests your sound card & microphone. Generator does sine, square, triangle, noise and burst waveforms. TMS1
Audio sound generator. sine/square/triangle 0 to 20 khz. set for constant frequency or frequency  sweep. use's your sound card. Simple but good.  Freeware 159k zip download T-TTG
Records WAV files (16bit 11025 to 44100). Analyze pre-recorded 16/24 bit WAV files of any sample rate without a soundcard. Best used for repetitive sine wave analysis, especially in noisy low signal level situations. Great for analyzing signals from satellites or encoded signals or ham radio signals. Uses synchronous product detection to measure 40 dB below the noise floor. Has Swept Bandpass and FFT Spectrum Analysis modes (16K,65K sample size) with Harmonic Analysis. on cdrom DWL_WFA.ZIP


Requires external hardware as outlined in the help file. Just a few simple parts you can get at radio shack. Measures AC line voltage, current, true rms watts, VA, crest factor of V and A, Power Factor, Line frequency and displays a scope display of the ac line voltage and current. uses sound card as input. monitor anything like microwave, air conditioner etc. WM400 on cdrom only
Analyze  mic/line inputs, pre-recorded wav files or built in test generators using many built on filters or import your own IIR/FIR filter sets. Built in scope and level readouts. On cdrom only SRT.zip


24 bit 96K sinewave generation mono / stereo / L / R / L+R / L-R. 10-48 kHz with pulser, stepped freq response graph. cdrom osc.zip