In honor of the Wendler family
Although the families archives has thousands of pictures there are only about 10 known pictures of Leon in existence  from 1946 to today of Leon Wendler. there are none left from ages 13 to 56. If anyone has one please contact the family. thank you.
Louise E. Wendler

Taken at Stonehenge in England. she wanted a sample for her famous mineral collection. (still on display)

Leon E. Wendler ~ Baron

Taken in the waiting room of his private office in CT now closed up. year 2004


Leon in his most famous sports jacket. The one that super model Brook Shields liked so much.

Leon red X

year about 1954


Graduation 1960


1st row lower 1st left year 1959


Leon with a friend of family. famous racer Peter Andrigettie Peters Winning Corvette can be seen in lower right corner of picture. 2004

A nephew David Stockly


Taken aboard the Cisne Branco  docked in Discovery Bay Jamaica. 1995

Rev. William F. Wendler ~ Count

Sugar Loaf Mountain. Rio De Janeiro Brazil

William the right

Presenting medals to officers of Tall ship Cisne Branco in S. Petersburg FL 1995

William in the middle

Left to right. 1-Aid to Governor. 2- Dr D. Trocki. 3- Rev Wendler./ CEO 4-Governer of Fortalez, Brazil. 5-Capt. B. Gamboa of Cisne Branco

William in middle

Presenting awards in Montego Bay Jamaica 1995

William with tie

Presenting GOLD TROPHY to tall ship Liberad at ceremony in Halifax Canada.

Rev William F Wendler

President United Council of Churches

Castle in Germany.

Castle where family came from. Today it is one of the 12 most famous castles in the world. note this picture can be found on a 2005 calendar

Mrs. Wendler middle

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